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Ignominious Atonement - 98%

kyngkash, December 6th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Willowtip Records

Putridity's Ignominious Atonement had been constantly playing since I had first heard it in early 2016. The first two albums by Putridity are common brutal death metal but this... this is something special. The storywriting on this album is absolutely amazing. The album cover shows exactly what you're in for.

This project is a collage of sub-machine gun fire double bass work, with an absolutely dark and downtoned sound which makes for a perfect representation of the albums theme. It took me a while to let the fast-paced tempo of this project sink in, but after that it, made the love the album even deeper.

My only complaint is the length. I've listened to this probably four times in a day just trying to get my 'putrid' satisfaction. Some of the highlights off the album are the first track Concieved Through Vermination, Portait of Soiled Innocence, Obstinacy to Heal the Malformed, and Mortifying Carnality. These four songs are half of the album, which shows a good consistancy of good, brutal songs throughout.

I would say this album is one of the best of the past 2 years, I even throw it in with my top 5 brutal death metal albums very often. Everywhere I looked I haven't found a single bad review of this project, so if Putridity can top this... that's lights out.

Fucking amazing album guys!