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Putrid Perfection !!! - 100%

Akerthorpe, May 14th, 2015

Hailing from France, Putrid Offal return with their new album entitled “Mature Necropsy”. Don’t expect anything technical here. In fact don’t expect anything to be clean, or polished either. You don’t really need it to be with this release. What you have here is a really nasty, dirty, foul sounding, and wonderfully sickening slab of grinding death metal. There is a horrific aura about this masterpiece of gore filled metal. Very few bands know how to acquire this sound but rest assured, Putrid Offal have it mastered. I’ve heard this band brought up quite a few times over the years but never took the time to check them out and since hearing this new material, I have been kicking myself in the ass ever since. Now, let’s get down to business.

I have not heard gore grind or death metal done this masterfully since Lymphatic Phlegm’s Pathogenesis Infest Phlemsepsia”, and there is a really heavy vibe of this band in the guitar work. The guitars have a bit of that echoing hollowness to them that adds a great deal to that “horrific aura” I spoke of earlier. Just a bit of it mind you, but the tone and tuning of the guitars is what sends the vibe over the top. There also seems to be a slight Swedish sound combined with a traditional sound that compliments the material nicely. There are additional vibes and influences from the likes of: Flesh Grinder, Carcass, Haemorrhage, and even General Surgery. The only issue that I have with the guitars is in some parts of the songs, the guitars are really at the forefront of the tracks. It’s almost as if they are only there to supplement the drum tracks and not combined equally with them. It’s not really enough to affect the enjoyment of the album, but rather just something I picked up on while listening to the album a second time. While I am speaking of the drums, they are a really nice mixture of the traditional death metal style and the gore grind style of drumming with the death metal style a lot more noticeable, but a great mixture none the less. It could be a possibility that certain parts of the drums are triggered, but I am not entirely sure on this. I don’t want to stereotype this type of music with drum triggering. More importantly, I don’t want to put this band in with that stereotype. Even if this is the case, the drums are thick sounding and well produced. Some of the best that I’ve heard from bands from the death/grindcore genre. I plan on going back and listening to their demos and comparing their sound then to what they sound like today.

With that being said, it just so happens that there is a second disc with this release entitled, “Premature Necropsy” that contains their demos. You better hurry to get one if they aren’t sold out already as this is limited to 500. I would consider this an extremely triumphant return for the band. I hope that they see this as a reason to stay around for years to come and continue to bless us with more metallic masterpieces such as this one. If you’ve been a fan for years or hearing the band for the first time, “Mature Necropsy” will certainly strike a positive chord with everyone. It has been getting a lot of play time in my stereo as I’m sure it will in yours. This was released on the Kaotoxin label so get in touch with them and support the label, this band, and this release. Release yourself to the haunting madness that is Putrid Offal’s “Mature Necropsy”!