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Showcase - 74%

gasmask_colostomy, December 1st, 2020

I’d describe Anatomy as a showcase EP, seeing as it exhibits a little bit of everything about French death grinders Putrid Offal. Designed in part to welcome the new line-up, particularly the addition of real living drummer Laye Louhenapessy (in contrast to Franck Peiffer’s programming skills, which have occasionally taken the place of human percussion) nods to earlier material also complete the quartet’s transition into their new era.

Louhenapessy has immediate opportunity to prove himself, blasting himself crazy during the new title track and the especially chaotic ‘Didactic Exploration’. The manner that the latter displays while switching from scattered explosions to enormous deathly groove sums up the appeal of these guys in a nutshell, since Putrid Offal have always done both of their genres full credit, melding the frantic and monstrous in often unpredictable patterns. The revisions to ‘Rotted Flesh’ and ‘Gurgling Prey’ represent incredibly the fourth version of those songs and again reflect a growing tendency to incorporate more rhythmic changes into the structure. Perhaps the best reason to check these out is for the tail end of ‘Gurgling Prey’, when an incredible battery drops out and Peiffer lets rip a disgustingly ripe gurgle of his own.

Putrid Offal live might be quite the event, so sharing 2 more live cuts on Anatomy seems a bright idea. I’ve been trying to compare with the recent Live at Hellfest 2017 release to see if these songs are taken from that (or at least ‘Purulent Cold’, since ‘Requiem for a Corpse’ doesn’t appear there) and am now fairly sure that they represent a separate recording. Anyway, you can almost see the fans going nuts for the high-paced sections and slamming down at the occasional death metal part, so it must have been a great show anyway. Regardless of half of the 6 songs being very familiar, the fact that these versions are currently unavailable elsewhere actually makes Anatomy quite valuable, rather than the mere cash-in promo that it might have been. Thumbs up to Putrid Offal for that.