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overlooked superion - 85%

optimuszgrime, February 12th, 2008

A great unique sounding album from Colombia. Slower than your typical Colombian death metal, more in the vein of Carcass and Necrony to my mind. They play great music with great atmosphere that sounds like rotting. I like bands who can create that atmosphere and even if the riffs are a lot of the times not too interesting, sonically this band is 100%. Too bad they cannot keep it up on the playing end as well. The riffs are good, but much mediocrity needs to be heard before the true gems unfold, and that gets frustrating real quick.
This is pretty gored out pathological mid-tempo death metal. Not yet the run of the mill death/grind band they were to become, still developing their own ideas. Too bad they were cut short in this direction and decided to follow the rest of the Colombian scene. Their later efforts, although also good, are just run of the mill death/grind stuff in the Colombian fashion, indeed they were one of the creators of this style. The recording sounds something in between Rottrevore and Mortem, the music not being like either of those bands, just sound wise. I love this album, no one I know agrees with me on this one, but I am sure some folks will be able to get into it.