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Purulence - Atrocious Execration

What a killer demo it is! - 90%

dismember_marcin, July 15th, 2012

I’m not going to lie and say that I know Purulence ever since the band has released their first demo, because it won’t be the truth (hey, I was only 11 back then!). I actually have found out about this band around 2009, when someone recorded me their split CD with Amaymon plus this demo. I don’t think though that I listened to it a lot then and still didn’t really know much about the band. But that was until I’ve found some more recordings from those Canadians… I actually started to look for some info about them, I’ve got very curious about Purulence, because I liked their demo so much that I thought it is one of the greatest demo materials from the early 90’s, which I had a pleasure to listen to. I’ve found some info about Purulence history and that Steeve Hurdle, guitarist and vocalist of Purulence, was Gorguts member on their “Obscura” album. Anyway, now I’m listening to “Atrocious Execration” yet again and I’m still very much amazed how killer the music on it is and at the same time I’m quite surprised that now so many people even know about Purulence. Shame!

Well, the front artwork of the demo did not announce anything exceptional, this gory photo of a massacred body would rather fit to some grind core bands, which I am not a big fan of. But never judge the book by its cover, they say, and here this sentence is absolutely right, as the front artwork is the only thing, which I don’t like about “Atrocious Execration”. Everything else, I mean mainly the music, is just fuckin killer. It’s just something I would never expect from such an unknown band, so damn awesome their death metal was and right from the first listen “Atrocious Execration” became one of the favourite demos I have ever listened to! Really! After a short intro the first riffs of “Crawling Mortality” begin and my impression at the start is that Purulence has very Swedish production! Really, that melodic riff which opens the demo reminds me the classic Swedish scene and bands like Epitaph, Excruciate and Hypocrisy, also because of the overall production! Good. Musically the whole “Atrocious Execration” is actually a sort of mixture between the Swedish sound plus a bit of Pestilence from “Consuming Impulse”, British Cancer and French Massacra, all mixed up with the American classics of early Death and Morgue for instance. So the music is not overwhelmingly original or whatever, but I guess that’s not really important, as long as the songs are good and I can honestly say that the songwriting on “Atrocious Execration” is really good and solid and thus each of the four tracks is just a deadly pleasure for death metal maniacs. Maybe sometimes the music can sound dangerously alike to some other bands, for instance the beginning of “Dark Side of Immortality” is a bit familiar and reminds me Hypocrisy’s “Pleasure of Molestation”. In other occasions that Swedish shadow will also be very obvious, as are the influences from the other bands I mentioned, but I like it anyway. Purulence sounds like they’ve picked up some of my favourite albums from the early 90’s and glued them together into one, motherfuckin killer demo material. No weak parts here, no boredom, just plain, classic old styled death metal, with killer riffs, harsh vocals and deadly riffs. Fuckin classic and a must for all die hard maniacs! I only wish I could get this demo in the original pressing of if someone was so kind and released it on a vinyl.
Best song: “Crawling Mortality”, “Post Mortem Examination”