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Purgatory > Psychotic Dreams > Reviews > UltraBoris
Purgatory - Psychotic Dreams

Pretty damn mediocre - 33%

UltraBoris, May 4th, 2003

Well, these guys would sure as fuck get better. This contains one okay song and one really fucking worthless song. The worthless: Jack. That one just goes nowhere and does nothing. Riffing is uninspired, sounding like a sixth-rate Maiden ripoff combined with a bit of Jag Panzer influence. The song just doesn't go anywhere, that's the worst part.

Then, In Jason's Mind starts off more promising (well, after the intro Gary Numan "Cars" ripoff riff!), and continues to be pretty decent except for a few sections. Better riffs, more exciting and generally with a better sense of focus.

I didn't mention the production... it's shit, but hey, it's an N-th generation copy of a demo. Guitars too soft, bass too loud, oh well. Oh and the vocalist is crap, but hey he'd get kicked out after one album.