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Purgatory > Psychotic Dreams > Reviews > SufferingOverdue
Purgatory - Psychotic Dreams

Very good demo - 75%

SufferingOverdue, May 5th, 2003

I was lucky enough to come across as 3rd generation demo of this and when I heard it I was very surprised at it. To be honest this dosn't really sound much like Iced Earth, the gallops are significantly toned down, the bass is very high in the mix (almost Steve Harris like) and the vocals sound slightly more like Rob Halford in places.

Two two songs on here are incredibly well writen, and actually quite dark. The pounding bass drum breaks in the song Jack adds an almost psychotic sound, and the guitar leads are very creepy sounding. The riff in Jack has one hell of a catchy groove too, I'm quite shocked this song didn't get took onto another level and put onto the Enter The Realm demo. It's much more of a rhythm based song as opposed to the melody centered songs Iced Earth are usually associated with. One thing it has in common with the Iced Earth we all know today is that the lead guitar work is hardly anything to marvel at.

The second song In Jasons Mind starts out with a very creepy intro. It seems even in his early days, Jon Schaffer always wanted to create "darker" music, and he pulls it off really well on here.

The main thing that lets this down is the vocals. I've never been a fan of Gene, and while he does sound alot better than on the Enter The Realm demo, he still has nothing on their 2 later singers. The guitar leads could have been better too, but they do create a very cool atmosphere. Most surprisingly the bass work is probably what I consider to be best about the 2 songs, it's very punchy and carries the rhythm well.

Overall this isn't the sort of thing you'd go looking around for and paying lots of money for unless you were a collector, however if you're a casual Iced Earth fan I'd recommend tracking the mp3s of this down.