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Purgatory > Psychotic Dreams > Reviews > Minion
Purgatory - Psychotic Dreams

THIS was Iced Earth?! - 65%

Minion, August 1st, 2003

Wow. That's the word to describe this demo: Wow. Psychotic Waltz is a demo released by the band Purgatory prior to becoming Iced Earth. Prior, too, to becoming GOOD, as they were definitely not the thrash/power metal band we know and love today. There are two songs on this demo: "Jack" and "In Jason's Mind", combining for a grand total of nine minutes. Geez. "Jack" starts of with a weird little intro, before the drums take us into what sounds a little bit like the riff from "Colors", only shittier. When the song picks up, we begin to notice that the bass was placed very high in the mix, and is rather overpowering to everything else but the the drums. Gene's vocals are, of course, atrocious, but at least on Iced Earth's debut album e gets a bit better. Here, though, he sounds like he's being strangled to death.One MORE thing: "Jack" has no solo. Yep, that's right. No solo. Well, this sucks. Next track: "In Jason's Mind". This is exactly the same song as "Jason" on the Burning Oasis demo, just with a different name. This song is a little over five minutes, has a solo, and is much better than the other song.

Final note: this demo is not very good. The vocals are crap, and the riffs are boring and uninspired. And good luck trying to find a copy, because only about 1000 copies exist in the world. It's just as well. This is for the die-hard Iced Earth fan only.