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Death Metal Splendour - 85%

Homer_Nava, April 2nd, 2013

Directly from Germany arrives this CD in my hands from a band that has existed since 1993. I really got surprised when they got in touch with me. I’ve been chatting with German people and I know that Purgatory is a well-respected band there. Cultus Luciferi is their fifth masterpiece.

I’m not afraid to fall into exaggeration, but this album fulfills almost all the requirements of a great release. The rhythms are fast and chaotic, the riffs are with millimetric precision, and there's generally a blasting sound and that’s it: this is death metal. The sound of this band is very dynamic because they mix precision, brutality, and cleanliness. I like the recording; it is clear and clean, but I personally put too much attention on that.

The album contains nine songs of brutal death metal with a sound of the raw and similar style of Incantation and Autopsy, but in some way is updated. Let’s remember that those bands were born in the '90s.

Cultus Luciferi is a good album, but the first three songs are a little monotonous. Song four, in my opinion, starts the death metal time, and songs like Forbidden Wisdom, Hammering The Nails, Burial Of A Plague, and even Pits of Utumno, which is a cover of Morgoth, is a killer version. On this album were invited people from Asphyx (Martin van Drunen) and Morgoth. The vocals are just the other very notable fact on this album as they are fast, aggressive, and in a deep growling style.

This album is very recommendable if you are fan of modern death metal. A lot of good things we have here and there’s a good style. It is peculiar, blasphemous, violent, and brutal. What else could we ask for in a band? Maybe they’re not the most original, but they execute a real passion for death metal.

Purgatory claims to be a band from East Germany, which is a cardinal point blessed by Lucifer (according to a band quote). Why would it be? In part it is because this is a band that practice a Satanic death metal of quality, but geography and supernatural beings have an influence in music? Anyway, Purgatory rules (and their music speaks itself)!