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I'm Wandering Through Parallel Dimensions - 100%

Sequoia Desert Eagle, March 8th, 2013

Many Dutch magazines are saying it, and now I will say it. After listening to this EP, I can tell you that Purest of Pain is the modern version of death metal. They play a certain style called melodic deathcore. While there are such blends as metalcore, grindcore, deathcore, and goregrind, this very mix of hardcore punk and melodic death metal is relatively obscure, yet possibly more intense than any other combination of punk and metal music.

The EP starts off with a very ethereal intro that prepares the listener(s) for the untold horrors that are about to come. Then "Sickening Reality" blasts through the listener's ears like violence on crack. Ilja van de Rhoer's heart-stopping screams will certainly send a pretty extreme chill down your spine. This song touches up on the fact that even after decades, mankind still has insufficient moral values.

Next is "Misconception In A Devouring World", which is a perfect song to convey how people are mistreating the natural world with technological and industrial advancements. But that song does not even begin to compare in both music and lyrics to "Wandering Through Parallel Dimensions", by far the best and most intense song on the entire EP with the musical, lyrical, and vocal energy going up and down like a rollercoaster throughout the entire song that will keep you hooked in suspense better than any book ever will.

This EP is a MUST for fans of modern extreme metal. It has the sorrow of doom metal, the anger of both hardcore punk and thrash metal, and the evil of both death metal and black metal. This particular song warns the audience about the effects of societal greed. The quality of the music is amazing and their founder and lead guitarist, Merel Bechtold, is a young woman who I can assure you is just as talented or even more so than the likes of Trey Azathoth of Morbid Angel, Chuck Schuldiner of Death, or Terrence Hobbs of Suffocation. You can download the EP for free and/or buy it on their website at

Believe me, this is a quintessential EP for fans of modern extreme metal because it has already shown us that Purest of Pain is a band to keep an eye on.
-Sequoia Cochise "Coyote" Di'Mayo