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The quintessential Pungent Stench album - 95%

morbert, August 6th, 2008

This album is the album that has everything we love about Pungent Stench combined and perfectly balanced. We have their fast death metal assault, their sludgy doom-death metal and of course their sick bizarre sense of humour.

The weakspot of their arliest works, being incidental sloppiness on faster sections, has vanished here. The band still sounds over the top when playing fast but they’re never all over the place anymore. Because of the improved tightness the feeling of speed actually increases.

I will of course not give a track-by-track review but will recall the highlights or most memorable sections. The doom songs “Games Of Humilation” and especially “And Only Hunger Remains” are very well crafted and catchy enough. Martin Schirenc’s acrobatic but mostly sick vocals do add a lot to the songs! In fact, his vocals (which are more than just your average grunts) are a very important part of the albums atmosphere and attitude.

Songs like the extremely catchy “Sputter Supper” and “Brainpan Blues” shows the band at their best on faster material. The lyrics are fun(ny), the vocals briliant and there are enough breaks to keep these raging songs enjoyable all the way. The opener “Shrunken And Mummified Bitch” combines best of both worlds as it goes through different paces yet still remains a well crafted composition and highly memorable.

The humour that shines through most of the songs and especially lyrics is emphasized on the last two songs “Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation” and “Splatterday Night Fever” which close this album in a most suiting way.

Even though this album takes 37 minutes it always feels like being way too short. Take that as a compliment. Yet there is something to complain. I am talking production here. Of course the sound is transparent and brutal but over all doesn’t have enough depth and low tones. The drums and guitars should have gotten a heavier production (without losig the definition obviously). In the end the albums sounds to ‘high’ and sharp.

Were it not for the production, this album would have even been a bigger classic