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Underrated Death Metal - 85%

Saethiaal, September 22nd, 2008

Pungent Stench’s second album “Been Caught Buttering” is a rather impressive and underrated death metal release. They don’t fall into the trap that many other death metal bands do of sounding either overly boring or repetitive, one of the reasons for this would be that the whole album only clocks in at just over thirty-seven minutes.

The first thing that hits you when you listen to the first track is how doom-like the atmosphere feels, that is, until the tempo picks up and blows you away with a barrage of death metal brilliance. Many of the riffs on this release are well-written and rather catchy, none of them feel out of place or like they are just thrown in there for the sake of it. The guitarist is very proficient throughout, playing some very technical solos which are rather impressive. The drumming is rather solid without standing out at all. The bass was probably put at the perfect volume during the mixing process, as it isn’t too loud and certainly isn’t too quiet. The lyrics are pretty much what you would expect from a death metal band, about gore, murder and that sick sense of humour that we have all come to expect and love.

The best songs on this album would have to be “Shrunken and Mummified Bitch” and “Splatterday Night Fever” which are the first and last songs on the album. The first song is an absolute classic and one of my favourite death metal songs of all time, with the lyrics “mummified - that’s fucking sick” running through my head every time I think of the song. The song starts off slower but picks up as it goes on and features a killer solo at the end. The other stand-out “Splatterday Night Fever”, is a great little song, with a great title (good play on words). The song is rather groovy and quick throughout and around the middle you will hear the strangest vocal noise you have ever heard, which is repeated at the end of the song again.

Unfortunately not every song is of this quality with the band suffering a small slump around the middle of the album. The slump begins at the song “Brainpan Blues” but picks back up around the end of “and Only Hunger Remains”. Overall this is quite a good effort from the Austrians and certainly deserves more recognition than it gets.