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Ouch, even the lyrics and artwork can’t save this - 40%

morbert, August 7th, 2008

I had high hopes, such high hopes, when Pungent Stench came together. And when they released “Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin” my hopes became truth! That was the best album since “Been Caught Buttering”!

But... just like “Club Mondo Bizarre” was a very disappointing follow up to their masterpiece “Been Caught Buttering”, “Ampeauty ” is the disaster that comes after the majestic “Masters Of Moral”

Now the strength of Pungent Stench always lay in three important elements:
- fast death metal
- Groovy and/or sludgy doom
- Sick (in a humurous way) lyrics
Points is that if you leave one of the key elements away, the whole concept simply falls apart. Just groove? That was “Club Mondo Bizarre”. That became very monotone. And they now made exactly the same mistake. They left out the furious death metal.

Now it could still have been a good album if the songs themselves were memorable in a “Games Of Humiliation” , “Viva La Muerte”, “A Small Lunch” or even “Klyster Boogie” kind of way. But they aren’t! The album is mostly mid- and slow paced and the riffs and performance sound tired. Most songs are over stretched.

There are however two very briliant aspects of this album:
1- The artwork
2- The lyrics

The artwork is beautiful. Beautiful in a way only Pungent Stench could do. I leave it up to you all to discover it! Same goes for the lyrics, which are stellar! You can’t go wrong with “Lynndie (She-Wolf Of Abu Ghraib)” or “Got M.I.L.F.”

The artwork was briliant, the lyrics a few of their best, So why on earth waste it on such bland dull songs!?! After hearing this album I’m actually glad the band broke up… So they can reform again in a few years and do something wonderfull again like “Masters Of Moral” (I think another Been Caught Buttering is highly improbable..).