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The "real" comeback Album ! - 90%

GulLemec, December 6th, 2004

This is a review I originally did for the Demonized Blessing Magazine (

Pungent Stench are back with a vengeance with their anticipated 2nd album after the reunion in 2001 called "Ampeauty", a superb wordplay with Amputee and beauty and that's what the lyrics are about.

The entire album turns out to be as groovy and rocking as hell and also the production fits the music best which is a very good change after the rather clean and over-polished recording of the predecessor "Masters of Moral - Servants of Sin". Fat guitars, a groovy bass and a very authentic drum sound makes the overall sound outstanding. Martin Schirenc has delivered very good work in his Vato Loco studio (actually his home-studio in his sleeping room), but if you know the Hollenthon-albums, which also have been produced in this studio, you know that Martin really has a feeling for creating a sound like this. The bass lines on this albums have also been recorded by Martin, the new bass player (Fabio Testi) is not to be heard on this recording, but he already is playing the live shows. The "smash hit" on the album is without doubt "The Amp Hymn", a song about certain people with a passion for amputees. Just have a look at the first lines of the lyrics which are like this: "I wanna make that very clear, I love the handicapped. I love the chicks with no more limbs, wheelchair trapped. I love those stumps and I love those stubs, they totally turn me on. I wanna fuck those lovely amps. You better take it off, those artificial limbs, and sing with me this song, it's the amp hymn."

The lyrics deal with topics like abuse of prisoners (Lynndie), freemasonry (invisible empire), anti-christianity (the passion of Lucifer) over bukkake (got milf ?), human garbage to peoples's passion to get themselves healthy extremities amputated, and are not to be taken very serious anyway.

Most of the songs are in mid-tempo with some faster parts and even slower interludes and also denoted blast-beats here and there and ALL songs are groovy as hell with a slight doom influence and kick ass with their choruses to which you can already sing-a-long the second time.

All the girl's representations in the booklet are real and not edited afterwards by the way. (female amputees with some toys, what else did you expect ?). Pungent Stench is definitely back stronger than ever with this groovy, ass-kicking release full of sick and ironic lyrics.
- If I wouldn't know that the boys could even do better (maybe on the next effort), I would have given the full score. Consider this one as the "real" comeback album from Pungent Stench. If you like to headbang, to rock and don't care about groove and some doom influences, go and get "Ampeauty" now.