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Antediluvian funeral doom? - 80%

oneyoudontknow, May 2nd, 2021
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Cirsium Kollektivet (Bandcamp)

The title and the eponymous and sole track on this release reference a rather distant past. A past without human meddling because of all the constant bickering of large and snappy dinosaurs. What a pest they were. It was probably impossible to get a good solid walk without any of these sticking a claw and teeth in your body. What a nuisance. Puls, a band of unknown origin, attempts to take the listener into the darkest pit of the era of pangea. Pangea the supercontinent that broke apart around 175 Million years ago. Of into its darkest pits, then.

Of course the entire premise of this release can be questioned at this point. Why? Just take a look at the first paragraph and think things through. Those depths would be a rather safe, even though damp place. Maybe this is why funeral doom is the dominant style in this regard. Due to the mouldy atmosphere in those regions far away from light and "normal" climate, firstly, the voice would suffer and the vocal chords get infected, secondly, the overall progression and ability to progress is immensely impacted by the fact that you need to shovel your way in basically every direction. What a nuisance. Still better than getting clawed and bitten all the time.

And this is reflected in the music delivered by Puls. The impressions of distant hollow echoes that reverberate throughout a good part of the track, a sinister growling voice, a definite steadiness in the progression of the music and an all-encompassing sinister atmosphere. This sole track is a loop that takes the listener on one spin after another. There are some keyboards or rather some noise elements towards the end that set a counterpoint to the intensity of the music. They float above it, ameliorate the intensity.

De profundis clamavi ad te, o dinosaur.[1]

This is how it feels with the increase in tension towards the end. A scream of pain, a scream of freedom and maybe even a last scream out of sheer exhaustion. Yet, there is something comforting in the music. Maybe a mixture of early Funeral Moth and Shape of Despair would be one way to describe the sound. There is nothing of the sinister impression and atmosphere of the Japanese project, but it also not the complexity of what the band from Finland offers. Other bands like Worship could be named as well, but it would still be more on the side of the Japanese band. Or maybe even some nods towards Nortt?

Actually, this is a great track and "fun" to listen to. A bit too short maybe, a slightly too much on the safe side, but the atmosphere and intensity are quite good.

[1] Yes, it looks a bit weird, but this is actually the vocative of the noun, which has the same declension as in De profundis clamavi ad te, domine. It is not as if Roman were talking endlessly about these snappy things all the time. They were to busy invading other countries and getting drunken on wine.