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Pulmonary Fibrosis - Organ Maggots - 90%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

When Pulmonary Fibrosis records stuff properly they are absolutely wicked. Their split with Thorwald has great sound and is a killer release, but some other stuff I’ve heard have crappy sound, which kills good music. And unfortunately a lot of gore bands seem to think they can get away with horrible sound quality. Mixomatosis, for instance, is a great band that’s released tons of records with awful sound. So I was happy to hear that this album has the brutal sound that a brutal album deserves.

The four covers included (Pigsty, Mortician, Jungle Rot, Malignant Tumour) might give away some influences. But I’d rather compare this to a mix between Dead Infection and Last Days of Humanity, with a hint of Agathocles at times, soaked in the bloody residue of brutal death metal. And those are no bad comparisons. The riffs are heavy, brutal and churning, the drumming sounds like a jackhammer and the growling, gnarling and gurgling vocals top it off. But there’s also room for some breakdowns, like Necrotic consumption, which just reeks of brutal death metal á la Devourment and Disgorge.

Killer music and wicked musicianship. As the promo sheet says; “nasal nauseous vomit liquid grind gore”.

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