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Sweet technical death metal - 88%

MorbidAtheist666, December 1st, 2005

Psycroptic's first album is pretty decent. The production on this album is suberb. All of the songs are very fast and there's not one dud to be found on The Isle of Disenchantment.

The vocals are unique. Nobody else sounds like Matthew 'Chalky' Chalk. The one thing that people may not like about Psycroptic is the vocals. Aggression is the best word to describe his vocals. He switches vocal styles. He goes from sounding low to raspy and then raspy to low. It took me a while to stomach the vocals and now I really dig them. I really don't like his vocals at the beginning of The Sword of Uncreation, it sounds like shit. They start to get better as the song goes on. His best vocal performances are on of Dull Eyes Borne, The Labyrinth, and Beneath the Ground We Dwell. Too bad he was booted out of the band. I wonder if the next vocalist is going to be just as good as him or better.

The guitars and bass guitar sound great on here. I really like the riffs on Carnival of Vulgarity, Condemned By Discontent, and Beneath the Ground We Dwell. I really like the fact they all sound technical and fast. As for the bass, it is clear on just about all of the songs. So you can play this in your car with the bass all the way up and your car will shake. You can really hear the boom of the bass on this album. This depends on how you set the EQ on your stereo or on your computer's music player. The bass intro on Psycroptipath is awesome. The bass is very clear on this song, especially the first 23 seconds of the song.

The drumming is tight. I'm really liking the cymbals that David Haley has on here. He uses them well on Psycroptipath, Netherworld Reality, and Carnival Of Vulgarity. I'm sure he has a killer drum set. He is an excellent technical drummer. I would rank him up there highly with Flo Mounier, Vader's Doc (R.I.P.), and other drummers in the death metal realm that I can think of right now.

I would suggest this to anyone who likes technical and straight forward death metal to get this album. It's not really essential, but I'm sure a lot of death metal fans will be pleased with this. This is an excellent debut album.