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Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhkkkkkk !!!!!! - 95%

Morgothron, April 2nd, 2005

In their debut album "Embrace rapture in disgust" we can hear some excellent Australian death metal, infected with furious black. Although the band seems been heavily influenced by early thrash bands including the likes of Venom, Destruction, Possessed, Sodom and Bathory for their debut.

Now for their second album the band's style was more closley aligned with death metal bands such as Immolation, Suffocation, then Vital Remains, Morbid Angel & Deicide.

On this second album "Debauching the minions", the black metal influences have only grown more in the music, and more black metal has caused Psychrist to sound even more furious. This album Features eight songs of sheer blistering death/black structures with an intensly heavy sound and one clean sound instrumental of an accoustic guitar by Yuri Ward the mainman.

My favourite track are the first track (Scourge) and the second one (Depraved Humanity). The combination of whirling black metal guitars and hard-to-follow death metal guitarparts, blastbeat drums and Guttural death vocals follow by overscreamed blacklike vocals. Which I think heavily influence by the likes of Vital Remains or Deicide, is one that always does the trick.

Although the fourth track (Debauching the minions) that is the title of the album gives no less impact, and in this song we can hear the combination sound of Suffocation & Morbid Angel. For the last track (Harbouring the Fire) is an instrumental accoustic guitar, which I think gives an extra plus for the album.

The other songs are almost of the same high level, and songs like "Haven of betrayal" and "Godfucked" all deserve to be mentioned in this review.

The good production sound is the element that delivers the extra touch to this album. It was done by men not entirely unknown in today's metal scene: Lachlan (Nazxul) and Astennu (ex-Dimmu Borgir).

Now I must admit that when it comes to extreme metal from Australia, I am not entirely unbiased, but this is definitely one of their best death metal band. This is a brilliant album and I'd to recommend it to any brutal deadbanger out there.