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Psychotron - Lethal Paralysis

Bangladeshi thrashers' first strike! - 82%

MondoMetalSTL, July 7th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Mortuary Productions (Bandcamp)

Since Psychotron emerged from the hills of Sylhet and began to storm the rich Bangladeshi metal scene in 2011, they’ve been a critical force in those lands. With ‘Lethal Paralysis,’ the band fires upon the world at large in four tracks released by Mortuary Records. In this debut, the group of Sylhetis summon thrashing beasts of old and maneuver deftly, dealing deathly blows in raw fashion. From the hands of their guitarists come intricate patterns that are supported sturdily in the mix by the bassist and their picture, while alive with violent clarity, is somewhat occult at your ear’s first glance. The production Psychotron has employed is skeletal but its bare ferocity is admirable.

Most remarkable is vocalist Abeer’s curious highs and nearly pinched-off delivery. His style is a unique channeling of classic thrash’s familiar vocal tropes that is almost immediately apprehensible and easy to enjoy. There are occasions when his pronunciation of words like the album’s title seem to be screamed with a liberal and creative spirit. In the lyrics throughout ‘Lethal Paralysis,’ you’ll find anthems to weed (in Pothead Abeer toasts “May your pipe always be full!”) and declarations simultaneously peaceable and advocations of warring ability. It’s in drummer Shayan’s syncopations, too, and bursts of speed that one’s hearing may be most positively piqued. He hammers with passion and his feet deal speedy kicks effortlessly.

Together with the many guitarists, the supple and quick low end and shrieks leveled evenly, the rhythms are raucous exercises that you can blast along with in short order. This group of Bangladeshi men pursue thrashing excellence and, above all, maintain an easy sense of happiness in their compositions that shines brilliantly through this debut. Psychotron‘s first strike is a critical blow for the old school in Bangladesh and an absolute boon to the world’s thrash scene, portentous of excellent times for them.

- Reviewed for Transcending Obscurity by Richard Jaspering