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Not bad, ... indeed! - 90%

ShatteredSky, June 21st, 2003

Generally considered as their most commercial album, the songs are actually overall simpler. On the other hand the production has gained quality. The thrashy atmosphere of the first two releases and the experimental mood from “Into the everflow” is gone, but the other remaining PW trademarks make this CD a worthy buy. The songs are shorter and groovier (i.e. “Lovestone blind”, “Shattered Sky”). “Haze one” describes the silence in the tour bus after a gig, leaving behind just a diffuse emptiness …”Shattered Sky” is one of my personal favorites of PW, combining a “waltzing” rhythm of the mighty drums with the special guitar sound of Brian and Dan, well suited by the magnificent intense vox of Buddy. “All the voices” sounds like deep space, “Dancing in the ashes” is quite a speed piece and “Only time” has a psychic touch. The “Mindsong” resembles “Into the everflow” material with its spacy beginning and psychedelic second part (for those of you who like Wahwahs).