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This IS prog!!!! - 90%

ArthurBR, January 17th, 2004

In a time when there're so many 'wanna-be-prog-bands' around is always soothing to listen to a real progressive metal album. 'Bleeding' was PW's last effort and it's a shame this band couldn't achieve the recognition they deserved in the 90's.
The first track, 'Faded', starts with a great bass line and builds into an almost thrashy riff with atmospheric vocals by Buddy Lackey. Great, great song.
It's followed by 'Locust', which is a great tack as well. It sounds as if Roger Waters grew up on metal! The chorus is amazing, a true work of art.
The third track is 'Morbid'. It combines some Pantera-like riffs with great keyboards interludes and fantastic vocal lines. The lyrics are a little bit weird, but great nevertheless.
The fourth and fifth tracks, 'Bleeding' and 'Cold' are nothing special but they work very well within the context of the album.
'Drift' follows and it's a hell of an emotional track. Buddy Lackey's voice is nothing less than wonderful and the music is on par to it. It has to be heard to be believed.
'Northern Lights' is an up-tempo track about drugs and Amsterdam and is a good tune. The riffs are quite hard rock-ish, but the whole track is pretty much filled with a LSD kind of vibe. Good, very good.
With 'Sleep' we return to heavier grounds. This is quite nu-metal-ish at times, if the nu-metal bands could play with talent. Buddy's voice is more aggresive and the drumming is brilliant. This is no masturbatory wankery, this is technique working for the music and not the other way around.
'My Grave' is the masterpiece of the album. It's a 70's Jethro Tull kind of ballad with fantastic vocals and lyrics. In a time when mediocrity seems to rule the show, it's a relief to listen to such a track.
'Skeleton' and 'Freedom' are the closing tracks and are great as well.
In short, 'Bleeding' is an example of what true progressive metal should sound like. Forget about 'Images and Words' and the whole 'Dream Theater are the Gods of Prog' thing. Psychotic Waltz are way more daring and progressive than DT ever was. This IS true progressive metal. Period.