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Psychopath - Avaritia

These Poles can thrash! - 85%

Diamhea, December 22nd, 2015

Psychopath's Avaritia is a true thrash assault on the senses in the now-familiar Demolition Hammer format that espouses armor-piercing rounds aplenty and leaves (sane) listeners writhing on the ground, yet begging for more. Far too many modern thrash acts eschew isolated pummeling gait in favor of more technical theatrics, or perhaps a modicum of forward-thinking structure, oftentimes resulting in a more toothless listen devoid of the simple pleasures that give thrash such lasting appeal. Expect a plethora of ascending/descending chugs and lots of random fits and starts not unlike the faster moments of Overkill's latest ("The S.R.C. etc.). It's a fun album even if it doesn't have much lasting power beyond a few stellar numbers, which we will surely delve into shortly.

Avaritia maybe the antithesis of experimentation and elegance, but with the multi-barrel bombardment of "Constant Agony" and "Hate" bearing down on the listener it is hard to argue against the efficacy of Psychopath's spartan, militaristic approach. Comparisons to Sepultura's heavier pre-Arise moments are surely evoked with a pinch of blackened Teutonic ichor to poison the well further. Banaskiewicz's vocals are rude, choppy barking orders with a heaping of foul language, spinning off into oft-unusual diatribes befitting of the unhinged style on display. The band isn't on incendiary autopilot all of the time, though. "No Pain No Game" and the title track both have their more measured, stomping moments of controlled bombast. "The Point of No Return" also builds tension fairly well with those iniquitous lead intervals and rolling, swarming percussive licks that repeatedly bite at the ankles of the increasingly-antagonistic riffs. Some nice classic-sounding moments on this song as well, making it a valid de facto closing number (sans the decent cover at the end).

Further detail escapes me by virtue of the style at hand, and hopefully Psychopath have built upon this foundation with their brand new album Hatred Outside. The cover art may scream of Sodom and other German fare, but Avaritia isn't the straight-up lampooning it could have been if spawned from lesser minds. It retains that grimy, gutter-laced thrash appeal without leaning too heavily on exhausting modern production values to carry the load. Guitars let off steam and bloodlet with a bulky late '80s tone while Tokarski's blasting lays waste elsewhere. Tunes like "Constant Agony" and "Sentenced to Thrash" are modern classics. In fact the entire middle of the record is not to be missed. An easy recommendation for thrashards.