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Neurasthenia - 95%

ZOUKYE, July 11th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Talheim Records (Limited edition, Digipak)

After only 1 year after their second full-length album release ("Dipsomania") Psychonaut 4 releases their third full album release "Neurasthenia". I started listening to it very excited, as I love "Dipsomania" and "Have a nice trip", their demos and splits, to be short I love this band. And I was so curious to see what this album has to give me. Small influences coming from Lifelover are still there, but with this release, I think they took the whole thing into their own hands.

The album begins with the "Prologue". No vocals, only instrumental, being for me way too long. But what comes after the prologue...That's another story. The first track(that has vocals on it) named "Death is a form of art" begins with a solo of guitar and drums followed by Graf's vocals. I was expecting such an intro, with a powerful entrance but the lyrics were different to me. Starting from "Death is a form of art" and ending with "Thoughts of Death " I think "Neurasthenia" is their most well-written album.

One thing that still reminds me of Lifelover, it's the way Psychonaut 4 decided to order the songs. The transition between "Death is a form of art" to "Sweet decadence" reminded me of the transition between "Myspys" to "Major fuck off" coming from Lifelover. What I mean, is this: "Death is a form of art" starts with a powerful riff followed by, probably, most aggressive form of vocals used by Graf , but then in "Sweet decadence", they choose a very "calm" intro that has a sample of an interview, while on the background we can hear a calm use of a guitar and drums. This "transition" will be found in the whole release( " Sleeping Pills Suck" to "Hangover" for another example).

The lyrics are more powerful. They are not whining for "help" as other bands that are into this subgenre do, which I totally despise(Happy days). I will explain this by showing another example: "Too late to call an ambulance" is probably my favorite song on this whole album. It is about someone that decided to commit suicide and yet the band isn't "overreacting" over this. It looks more like they show how immature people react about a suicide act ("It’s all over. There’s nothing here to do. / For nothing you circle him, trying to help." It’s all over. / No need to shout, I have a headache because of your screams."),

The artwork of this album (and probably the prologue because of its length) is the only thing that I dislike. I loved the artworks of "Dipsomania" and "Have a nice trip" but this one...I just can't really get into it.

Favorite songs: Death is a Form of Art, Sweet Decadance, Too Late to call an Ambulance, Thoughts of Death

With this release, Psychonaut 4 became my favorite band. The "maturity" the band treats every song and all the subjects this band talks about ( from depression / suicide to addiction of pills, solitude and mental illness) it shows what they are really capable of.