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A Promising Beginning - 70%

metal_bryan, January 29th, 2011

While Psyaxis might not be the most original band among the expansive genre of progressive metal, they do execute their songs very well on this debut demo. The immediate highlight of the music is the soaring vocals of John Zambrotto. His control is excellent and his style is reminiscent of old-school American power metal vocalists like Midnight and Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin.

You'll definitely find yourself graviting toward the vocals as a driving point of these songs, though the guitars are also quite excellent with many different ideas coming together from different genres (traditional metal, progressive thrash, progressive rock, ethnic middle-eastern - just to name a few big ones). The transitions are seemless thanks to some brilliant drumming, though the rhythm section of the band doesn't take center stage very often. The recording quality is very good for an independent release, so you can hear a lot of nuances to each of the instruments. If you're a fan of the very Egyptian-sounding guitar riffing of some bands (Artillery for one), then you might want to check out the song No One Gets Out Alive. It's easily the best of the three songs present. Infinity of Pain features some great vocals if you're interested in hearing Zambrotto's sound. Disciples of Allah is the weakest of the three, but it does feature some cool guitarwork, especially some of the Egyptian/Middle-Eastern flavors already touched upon.

While this may not be anything new musically, it does show great promise. I would not recommend it to anybody outside of the progressive metal genre, but if you're a fan of this band or are looking for an up-and-coming act to listen to, it's definitely worth tracking down.