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Psoriasis - Lethal Treatment

Partially Weak, Wholesome Strong - 70%

Svartekrist, August 4th, 2011

In America, the French have a reputation for being wussies, and realistically, some of them are. Psoriasis, a happy troupe of gore mongering musicians, are not. For their debut, Lethal Treatment, they deliver an agile and flexible death metal album with a hint of maybe thrash metal. Truth be told however, they could have pulled it off much better, but then again, a lot worse as well.

Generally speaking, their music is relatively well executed but lack intensity, unless you insist upon turning the volume all the way up. Everything becomes intense that way. The guitars in particular have a spastic and bouncing feel to them, as if they are jumping back and forth between notes. And once in a while, they deliver a frantic and frenzied lead here and there. The drumming is perhaps a little too simple at times and tend to hold back a little, but there are some very neat rhythms and beats dotted around. Sadly, the bass guitar is quite drowned, and when heard, it does nothing to impress. As for the vocals, which should be expected, they are standard and sadly lack force, but are easy to decipher.

The mixing and production does a decent job, but forget that there is a bass guitar doing something just like everything else. With that said, it is not a sub par release but it do suffer the pain of not being, perhaps, engaging enough. The songwriting is relatively good, but it as well suffer from the lack of engagement. But as a whole, the album is fairly enjoyable and quite fun too, though maybe a little brainless. In the end, it manage to stop on a high note at least, so that is something.

Stand-out tracks: Carnivorous Intravenous, I Breathe Sarin, Great Order of Decline.