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Watch out, you might well lose your face - 81%

Andromeda_Unchained, August 2nd, 2012

The first thing that attracted me to Russia’s Blackened Death Metal band Psuedogod was just how insane the album artwork is. Sick cover! Deathwomb Catechesis is the bands first full-length album after a few years of slugging it out with demos and split releases. The experience earned thanks to those releases has proven instrumental for the band; as here on their debut they sound confident and bursting with hellfire.

Psuedogod’s style I would say was predominately Black Metal, and I think the Death Metal elements to their sound mostly lie in the riffs and some of the more intense blasting moments. The production is raw and virulent, and has a lot more in touch with Black Metal. The overall sound of the album is genuinely apocalyptic and I would say that this probably isn’t for the weak of heart. Pseudogod is here to punish you and these guys don’t beat around the bush.

There are riffs all over the place, firing at brute force like in a shooting range; only there are no walls or any protective gear. One misstep and you’re going to be taken out, if the riffs don’t do it then the machine gun drumming certainly will do. It seems Psuedogod must have used an infinite ammo cheat too as these guys seem unable to run out of steam; any moment the band drop down the intensity is to envelope your broken, cowering demeanour and plunge it into the depths of hell.

Performances across Deathwomb Catechesis are intense, with demented growls echoing from the watery depths, guitars scything across disfigured plains of crimson and a rhythm section thrashing like a gargantuan horror spawned in the pits of your sickening, most deep-seated of nightmares. Fans of bestial, flesh-ripping Black/Death Metal would do well to pick up this release, and I’m sure if the denizens of the underworld aren’t already clutching copies of this release in their disfigured maws they’ll be carving up a catastrophic mess on the way to their nearest record store to grab a copy. This one comes recommended to fans of the style, but those outside of the extreme Metal circles might want to duck and cover if this release comes anywhere near them.

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