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Prowler > Prowling Death Squad > Reviews
Prowler - Prowling Death Squad

Good late 80's thrash - 80%

The_Boss, December 11th, 2008

Prowler comes out of nowhere with a solid EP, their only noteable release, Prowling Death Squad. Late 1980's thrash characterized with a traditional metal vibe mixed well with quite a bit of an early power metal approach. For the most part thrash sticks out with fast paced riffing and great lead guitar work. The production here isn't anything special, but still does it's job decent enough not to hinder the listening experience.

For the most part, this short EP is filled with Accept-like anthems meets Atrophy like semi-technical thrash. The bass stands out in a cool, Rigor Mortis-esque way with some pounding bass lines, but the drumming does nothing but keep pace and hold on with a decent rhythm. The guitars by far sticking out as the highlight, complimented with vocalist Steve Fienroth's vocals that aren't melodic/high pitched enough to be Mark Antoni or low and gruff enough to be Lemmy but somewhere around there.

Thrash and Bang starts off the EP with a great chorus, that will keep any hardcore thrasher satisfied, despite being a bit generic, same with closer Lick the Knife and the gang yelled, "Fuck with the best, die like the rest". Still being an amazing song, with loads of riffs and fun lead work, this EP reeks of cliche moments, but who gives a fuck right? We're wearing denim and leather not cracker jack clothes. Don't expect too much here with Prowler's EP, it's a decent outing of thrash with some traditional metal nods that is entertaining to listen to. It's not entirely serious but I'll be damned if any hardcore thrasher doesn't enjoy these songs.

Growing mold that doesn't cure much - 72%

Gutterscream, June 2nd, 2006
Written based on this version: 1988, Cassette, New Renaissance Records

"...thrash and bang all night long, thrust and slam through the wall..."

With an ep that created the buzz of a gnat, curly-haired Prowler is just another victim, just another halfway decent act to get ensnarled by New Renaissance's talent of signing average bands and then kinda lying there like an old lady in the sack.

Though it may seem like an undetailed way to characterize a band, 'halfway decent' is perhaps the the best this NY five-piece can hope for. The boldest element here is the vocals of Steve Fienroth, who while he sings looks into the mirror and sees Udo, and he's looking into yet another mirror and sees David Wayne. While considered latter day thrash (for the '80s), the music is simplistic and rather melodic that twinges with a traditional tick, meanwhile high-handed choruses glare the unafraid grimace of metal, here to stay with a king of the hill attitude. For instance, finishing this short opus rightfully is top track "Lick the Knife", its Accept-meets-Motorhead chorus using an anthemic "fuck with the best and you'll die like the rest!" charge that has the moronic charm to get a crowd in their corner.

"Thrash and Bang", the ep's opener, hardly lives up to its name with a dictionary definition of mid-paced, but again the metallic hymn of the chorus keeps things marching. "Back on the Rack" and "Sudden Death" are neutral in pace and attitude, tolerable to a point, but if this band had a hope in etching its name into the annals of metal history, these two tracks had to have either come at you snarling like wild dogs or noticeably twisting and curving like sand vipers, but thus is fate.

Prowling Death Squad really isn't that hard to listen to, but it grows mushrooms pretty fast, and not even the poisonous kind.