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You Must Feed... - 100%

BrandonCOB, September 18th, 2012

From the opening clip of Prowler's third self-released record, you know you are in for something special.

Say Hello To The Nite: The main riff kicks in full gallop as more iconic clips from the 1987 film 'The Lost Boys' play in the background, providing the soundtrack to the absolute thrash assault that is about to occur. Everything on this record is mixed to full perfection, bass and guitar resonating with all the gritiness and bite of an classic 80's Bay Area or New York City thrash sound, fueled with the band's passion of the material they are writing their music about, while the drums provide the backbone and structure of these 2 metal powerhouses. Lead frontman Patrick Best's vocals cut through the instrumentals with a piercing reverb-laden touch of darkness and fear, as the music comes to a trudging halt, leading us into one of the most intense choruses, sampling the sinister chanting of little children from the aforementioned movie, as Best states "Say Hello To The Night, so cry little sister, and say hello to the night." The transition from this and the main verses are perfect, complimenting each other with a taste of each other, never faulting too far from the formula of the song. As it leads to the break, we get another fast and stampeding riff, right into another heart-pounding and powerful riff that only lasts for a few mere seconds as Best unleashes a simple but thought-inspiring solo, hinting back to the times of horror movie soundtracks, and the eerie quality of the composers and their ear for the macabre and disturbed. As we return to the chorus of the song, we begin to realize this is more than just a mere song. It's a true re-telling of a classic horror movie, with all the leather, denim, and loud guitars you can find. Perfect.

Haddonfield: Now for a personal favorite of mine, this clip takes no time at all as children's voice are heard laughing telling the listener that HE is going to get you, and that THE BOOGEYMAN is coming.... right before a galloping racing riff right into the iconic theme of this 1978 Slasher flick, the one that started the entire genre off right. As before, the production on this is as tight as can be, still maintains that raw sound however, never once sounding too digital to be faked, and not too live too not sound tight, it maintains it's right balance. As we transfer into the main circling riff of the entire song, Best's voice warns us like a haunting narrator of the coming of Michael Myers, and the death that has come to our town... The entire vocal track, but none so than during the chorus, is layered heavily with a thick reverb, adding the feeling of dread and caution to the listener. If you are listening to this alone at night, you may even check over your shoulder once or twice. As we leave the chorus for a second time, we hear a riff that would not be uncommon live at a Metallica show or on any record from the early 80's, a chugging riff, with bass drum adding the heartbeat to this song, as the main deuteragonist of the series, Dr. Loomis, informs the listener what is exactly stalking us through this song. Now comes one of my all-time favorite parts in music, the vocal pattern in this part is one of the coolest and most original things I have ever heard. It really adds a flavor to the song of confusion and in a whirlwind of emotions like the protagonist, you never know which way to turn before the killer is behind you again. We come to the chorus again, by this point knowing it like the back of our hand, and as the song leads us out with that iconic riff yet again, hearing the words "You know it's Halloween, I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare, huh?" and that is no more the case than here. This song truly resonates with the power of fear and hopelessness, the sense of the unknown, the looming shape behind the curtain..

All in all, this is one of the most unique and original bands to come out in a long time, especially in this genre of music. It would be a crime for these guys to not be signed and become a bigger force in the world of neo-thrash metal, especially with such an intense and captivating idea for music. Each song is catchy as the Black Plague, they all sound amazing, wonderful instrumentals, and you may even find yourself singing the choruses after only a couple listens, they are that catchy. This band is on the rise, and with it.. the horror lives on. So sit down, dim the lights, and turn this record on. I promise you it will be an experience that you'll never forget.