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PROWLER lurks the streets tonight... - 100%

BrandonCOB, September 18th, 2012

With the start of their second release, PROWLER lures you in for the terror ride of your life, the song awakening to life with the sound of a powerful and morbid riff, almost replicating the sounds of footsteps running for their life from the eponymous stalker of the song. The drums add the intense bass drum and thunderous power of the skins behind the power of the resonating bass, bringing the listener to a fevered hush as they wait for what lurks within...

The Stalker (Prowler's third Single) brings images of gore and paranoia to the listener, with a frantic quote, the listener is placed in the shoes of the victim as she runs in the night from whomever or whatever may be stalking her. As the guitars lull to a quiet hum, the voices of the faculty lull the listener into a false sense of security until finally the main riff of the song unleashes upon the listener, followed by a powerful bass kick, into one of the thrashiest riffs this side of L'amour. Patrick Best's vocals come into the forefront as he weaves this tale of morbid terror and frantic panic through the eyes of the psychotic stalker, and as we lead into the chorus, a catchy vocal line and riff leads us back into the verse and chorus again, only to turn this tale on it's side, hearing the screams of the unfortunate and damned as the Stalker hunts them in the night, Best's whispers against their ear foretelling their demise. We are led back into the chorus for a third time, and as the final cymbal crashes and guitar notes are dealt, you witness an absolute display of madness through the use of a final disincarnate quote, one of murder and death.

The Tall Man begins it's tale of evil from the other side with an ethereal sounding quote, announced by the arrival of none other than The Tall Man himself, as a somber yet catchy riff leads us into yet another chugging and thrashy riff, this time bass and drums being led by the guitar, a simple laid-back journey through time and space, Best's narration foretelling of the The Tall Man and his minions otherworldly plans of terror and fear. This song, just like the other, has an undeniably catchy chorus, letting the listener know that the Tall Man is "coming for you", and as we leave the chorus for the second time, we are stricken with a sense of quiet disturbance as a harsh upwards spiral into the magic of the theme of this iconic film, playing from behind the lucid notes of the guitar, the quiet beauty of the piano being only brought back to chaos by the resounding affliction of the distortion of the guitar. We are approached by a sinister and speed-defying guitar solo as another iconic quote brings us to another verse and chorus, and as we exit the song, we are left with the notification to "Shoot to kill... or don't shoot at all" and as the final notes ring out, we are informed that "Fear is the killer" and the iconic theme floats out into the distance lull, creeping through the airwaves like a passive murder, one of slow deprivation of terror.

Prowler has brought to the forefront yet another record of pure horrorific terror and power. This is yet another thrash classic to arrive out of Myrtle Beach, and deserves to be at the peak of the thrash movement.