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Suprisingly good - 86%

Defiler, September 7th, 2004

This album sounds like a blend of Death's SOP or Cynic's Focus - with a small diffrence. It is not death metal. It's funny why usally death metal acts are finding the genre of Jazz or Fusion more intersting to mix in metal music than lighter bands. Atheist, Atrocity, Martyr and they are many more death metal bands that combined both Jazz complex writing mode with the aggressive sides of metal. Prog-metal bands - at least the regular ones as such as all the DT or Queensryche followers like to see themselves - usally don't blend those styles - only gives a metallic approach to prog-rock.

Prototype is no ordinary prog-metal band. by adding the keen edge of power-thrash much like in bands as Powermad or Laaz Rockit they give the sofisticated music a harsher side - not as brutal as death metal - but still very suprising. Heavier than Spiral Architect but not as half nasty as Cephalic carnage or The Dillinger Escape Plan - Prototype gives the new view of techinical heavy metal - with ultra-dynamic drumming, really neat guitarwork and composition - and maybe if the vocals are tend to sound a bit grung-oriented (like Psychotic waltz) they still got the balls of an early Metallica and Metal Church influences.

Highlights of this records are the most catchy tunes : Pure and Trinity, and also the Dead of Jericho which stands out as the most complex song in the album. Do not expect an ultra-complex-Spastic-Ink kinda composition - but enough work to make Prototype to stand out proud in their spot as probably the only technical power-thrash metal band alive.