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Protector - Resurrected ep (2000) - 95%

Unsilent_Storms, December 8th, 2004

I frequently hear metal heads say stuff like, "Man, if only metal bands played today like they did back in the 80's, you know like Sodom and Kreator and Destruction". We all have an "old school" thrasher friend who will not stop telling us about the "good old days when “Persecution Mania” and “Release from Agony" came out Well, this ep by Protector will be the answer to your prayers of a band doing 80's style thrash metal and will also shut up the old school guy, cause this demo is 100% 80’s style thrash. Its as if this stayed in a time capsule from 1985 and was released in 2000.

The intro is a clever play on the Halloween movie theme song, it sounded somewhat silly at first, but when the band kicked into “The End” I quickly shut my mouth. This is blistering thrash metal, drum and guitar mania, and for crying out loud, the vocalist even sounds like Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer from Destruction! The same nasty snarl of a voice and the band displays devastating musicianship, amazing speed and melody.

Then comes “Touched by Rotten Fingers” it starts out with a creepy guitar riff, like something out of a Nightmare on Elm Street before Freddy is going to kill someone. That leads to an all out assault of blistering drum and guitar speed, thrash has not sounded so good in a long time. The last song is “Ahab’s Rage”. The beginning of this song sounds strikingly similar to Metallica’s song “The Shortest Straw” from “And Justice for all”. It then develops into an interesting song with a very nice melodic interlude with some spoken words and great melodic guitar work around the vocals.

This is definitely recommended to so many people who love that great 80’s thrash sound and dont know where to look. These guys have been around for ever and I haven’t heard their earlier stuff, but this demo alone is making me want to know a lot more about them cause you can tell that they mastered what thrash metal is all about.