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Thrash Attack!! - 80%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 17th, 2007

Germany during the 80s was a true Eden for the thrash metal bands and Protector is maybe one of most unknown, but surely they are very good!! This demo features two songs only but what songs! Their style can be described as violent thrash metal; so total impact.

The sound is quite good for a 1986 demo and the group plays very compact and brutal. There is always a good mix of fastest parts to some good mid paced riffs. These ones are truly evil and Slayer inspired. The guitars sound is like the early Metallica one in the distortion but, but they play in a more brutal way. Sometimes they remind me Dark Angel for their intensity and impact. The vocal lines are a mix between Doty, Mille and Schmier.

Well, a very good demo in pure 80’s style violent thrash metal. It's very good and it can be downloaded free from the official band's site. So what are you waiting for?? Get it now! Thrash Assault!

A bit unfocused, but still quite good - 73%

UltraBoris, June 3rd, 2004

I'm gonna give this a nice high rating, even though it's only about six minutes of music when all is said and done... there's a REALLY LONG intro, and then we get into some pretty staple thrash riffage.

The good thing is, there are a LOT of riffs. The bad, at times it just kinda sounds like "let's string together riffs in series", as opposed to being completely thought out. But hey, this is thrash metal, so lots of riffs are in general a good thing. There's a good variety of tempos, and just when you either least expect it, or most expect it (depending on how carefully you're listening), there comes in a great midpaced break.

Vocals are a bit Kreatorish, except a bit lower-pitched (see "Morbid Visions", maybe, for another good comparison), but there really isn't much death metal to be found here - again, even musically, Morbid Visions is a decent comparison for the sample set where all the riffs come from, but compositionally the arrangement is completely different, with the chaotic fast sections arriving more in an Endless Pain fashion, or sometimes just completely out of nowhere. Also, at times, the whole thing is more melodic than either album, with riffs being repeated but varied in pitch, or sometimes just repeated over and over again, a la the bay area sound. Imagine an Exodus demo and a Kreator demo colliding on the freeway and the pieces being put together quickly and haphazardly, and Max "1986" Cavalera singing over them. That sounds about right.

Production is decent for what it is - a demo. Not too generated, and all the instruments are audible. I can't really think of anything overtly wrong with the release (except maybe that the intro is far too long, given that it's only a two-song demo). Yeah, it's a whole fuckload better than Master of Puppets. For 1986, this is a bit ahead of being run-of-the-mill thrash - for '87, it would be average, but the year before, I'd say it can get filed under "competent".

I love early thrash demos - 90%

Sportswear, March 7th, 2004

Well, it's absolutely amazing how at the same time "Master Of Puppets" was being wanked all over by critics, media and metal fans, yet people were not even catching onto that LP's lack of great raw thrash quality. At that time, this little beauty was floating around. A modest little 2 tracked tape, raw and basic as fuck. The intro to "Protector Of Death" a somewhat eerie horror theme diverges into this manic and quite fantastic thrash riff, production raw, but clear as ever. The vocals are raw and simple, but by no means soft. The riff mid song is masterful and very impressive. The whole song just goes into mayhem and you catch the guitarist go into manic solo mode (but does it well, and doesn't bore us with note bashing).

Now, this tape really is as simplistic as thrash comes, and only boasts two tracks, but that makes fuck all difference. The next track is still just as fast and thrashy as fuck. All in all, brilliant music, great vocals, nice outro scream and there is very little more I can say about this great demo. Go and listen.