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A tasty EP splice. - 99%

Scrotal_Salad, June 4th, 2005

I happened to come upon this little treasure the other day while I was going through a strong Protector phase. Some really nice German thrash and I might go as far to even say this my favorite release by them.

This albums starts off with a nice intro to set them move them blazes into Humanized Leviathan. Such a catchy song all the way around. Catchy riffs, catchy lyrics, catchy, forgetable drumming, but the rest make up for it.

Next up is Subordinate. Hmm..a catchy song in parts. Catchy intro then slides into an iffy portion of the song, but then the chorus hits and makes up for it. The catchy part comes of towards the end of the song. You'll know it when you hear it.

Then comes Mortal Passion. Mmmmm what a tasty track! Agressive vocals, like every song, catchy unforgetable riff, and a good drum line to match the superb riffing.

Next is a different version of Kain and Abel. It tells the story most know of Kain slaying Abel, but with a more blasphemous intent. This version would surely make the Christians cringe. The music is good as a whole, but the real treat of this track is the story it tells.

The last 3 tracks are from a previous EP named "Misanthropy". As far as I know they are the same tracks from it with nothing added. Misanthropy is a pretty evil track. One you could listen to over and over again. Same with Holy Inquisition. Finally comes the catchiest track on the album..Agoraphobia. Now THIS is death/thrash at it's finest. I've found myself listening to this track for hours at a time. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Best song: Agoraphobia

Worst song: There are none that are bad.