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Dragged into the abyss! - 90%

JJM1, March 30th, 2014

From one one of Europe's oldest cities, namely Belgrade, comes pure Serbian darkness with Propast's first EP, Věstnik Preispodnji. This pro-done five track tape comes limited to just 198 copies (mine is #50), and with a supreme occult cover artwork, fantastic layout and a logo sticker included; I can only assume these will sell out fast once word spreads on this one.

Vavedenje Preispodnje, initiates the tape with a stunningly ominous ambient intro, that has a true sense of impending doom, when after two minutes, ...u Plamenu, explodes out of my speakers, unleashing all-out hell with devastating double bass drums, wicked tremolo-picked guitar riffs, and hellish demonic shrieks of unadulterated malice. ...u Plamenu is a complete eye opener, and instantly memorable song and one that had the ability to perk me up within seconds of it taking off. Čarna Pismena hardly relents either, its very similar, but what becomes vividly obvious at this point is that Propast focuses in on heavily tight drum and guitar arrangements, which is otherwise not really seen in this rawer style of black metal.

Čeljad Kaljuge is slightly slower at first, but shifts to faster galloping paces throughout its duration, and back to the mid-paced speeds too, and with catchy riffs aplenty, it stands its ground as another enormous entry on this tape. Thurisaz, a cover of the Graveland classic, closes out the tape in a stylish fashion, in fact I'd even say its better simply because of how vastly better the musicianship is compared to the original duo that recorded it in the late 90's.

Although just thirty one minutes long, Věstnik Preispodnji, is way above average, and honestly one of the best black metal recordings I've heard in recent memory. I could easily see this band triumphantly leading the Serbian scene into relevance, as off the top of my head I can't recall ever hearing a black metal band from Serbia before.

As I already said, the tape is limited, so act fast. I find little fault with this one and I am overly excited to see what they come up with next. Head over to their, BANDCAMP, to hear this recording as well as procuring a copy for yourself.

Originally wrote for, Lunar Hypnosis: