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uninspiring and rather boring! - 60%

overkill67, September 14th, 2006

With a such a lengthy catalogue of tunes and archival footage to choose from, this is definately not a qualitative effort by Prong. This DVD is compiled solely of recent festivals in Europe, and the performances are hit and miss. Poor Tommy Victor does some horribly out key ear trauma vocal deliveries from time to time and you just want to reach into the T.V. screen and slap the bastard.

The actual footage that is on this 2 disc DVD is well recorded in terms of camera work, but the audio is sometimes on the chincy side, and the lighting and stage layout reminds me of a two bit bar band in some shit ridden wattering hole in a foul stenched neighbourhood.

Why all the hostility? Well, because I consider myself to be a huge fan of Prong, and with the exception of the disasterous Scorpio Rising, this band is well respected by many of its peers, and to this day is often cited as a major influence by many bands. I suppose it just bothers me because I KNOW that this DVD could've (should've) been way better than it is. There has got to be some footage laying around from the Beg To Differ/Prove You Wrong era with the incredible Ted Parsons on drums. Now that would've been some great stuff to see.

And what about their videos? Prongs videos are NEVER aired on MTV or MuchMusic, so why not include all of their videos on here as a bonus feature for the fans?

The biggest kicker is the price of this thing, almost $40...are you fucking kidding me or what? This is probably one of the worst DVD's that I've seen in a long time, the calibre of musicianship after so many years as a unit should've improved, not gotten worse. I truly believe that Tommy should put some serious thought into whether or not he wants to end the Prong legacy on a high note or a "thank god its over" stigma!