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Nature versus nurture... - 80%

stonedjesus, November 9th, 2005

Prong is a true testament to the idea that metal bands aren't born gay, but many do eventually choose to become gay later in life.

"The Peel Sessions" is just that. A "Live: In Studio" EP containing four songs from Prong's first two full-lengths (Primitive Origins & Force Fed) captured well by Mr. Peel's radio show. The sound quality is very good, although somewhat quiet/subdued. At this point Prong was playing as a trio, so expect a fairly stripped down sound. As always Mr. Victor is the driving force behind the songs, his vocals and guitar playing tight (although not exactly technical).

As you might imagine the four measly tracks recorded are sort of a greatest hits of the two aforementioned albums. "Senseless Abuse" and "Decay" being two of my favorite Prong songs. Overall the songs were a good preview of thier respective albums. My advice is check those out too.