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The Pantera-meets-random-noises album - 66%

UltraBoris, November 30th, 2002

I actually got this album when it came out and totally dug the fuck out of it for a while, but after several listens it got kinda boring. It's hard to describe the sound really, but it's kinda melodic and has lots of random industrialish noises. It's not thrash, not even speed metal, just kinda straight-up heavy metal that has a lot of Pantera-styled groove riffing, and at times almost a post-80s-glam vibe to it in the general song construction area. Catchy choruses, simple riffs... if you get past the oddly sounding distortion, and take out the overt Cowboys from Hell bits, you'll find something not too far removed from some stuff on that Motley Crue album with Corabi.

So it's not bad at all - though the problem is, the songs tend to sound a bit over-similar. The best song on here is probably "Rude Awakening", the title track, which has that great chorus... "it spins you around, takes you for a ride, what is the point to even try" with some cool closing riffs as well. Again, if you like Cowboys from Hell, you'd end up digging this more than likely. "Close the Door", "Controller", "Without Hope" - also solid songs... there really isn't anything bad on here, again it's just that they're kind of all the same. Overall, not bad.