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Prong invent... nu-metal!?!?!? - 16%

Skullhammer, June 12th, 2004

This is complete fucking nonsense. Prong started out as an above average thrash band. Then they got some groove influence, but they still made quality music. The industrial influence on Cleansing was also bearable... but this isn't. This is pure shit. The only slight resemblance of Prong's former glory is show on the track Mansruin. That’s pretty much the only thrashy riff throughout the whole album. BTW, that’s the only riff for Mansruin.

Yea they're talent sure has dumbed down. I mean c'mon... Mansruin is just one riff for 3:27! There is no more groove either. All the tracks are just maybe 1 or 2 simple riffs combined with random noise to produce complete and utter shit. In all of this nonsense there are a few good tracks.

Controller is one of these good tracks. Awesome guitar squeals and slides and nice drum work. If only the other songs on this album sounded more like this one. Rude Awakening is by far the best song on this album... but that's not saying much. Sure it has a complete mainstream feel but it’s a sad and gloomy song that pulls you right in. Dark Signs is that last good song on this piece of shit album. Generic drumbeat throughout and crappy guitar riffs but still better than the rest of the slop on this album. The bonus track Proud Division is decent as well.

The rest sounds exactly the same. You can’t tell anything apart. Its one boring mainstream song after the next. Tommy Victor's have effects now on all of the songs. Bass is heard pretty clearly but it’s nothing amazing. The guitar work, of course, is pure shit as well as the drums.

Don’t even bother with this. I enjoy Prong... to a certain extent. Just keep this in your mind... everything post-1994 for Prong is crap. They will never be the same as they were...

Nobody Does This as Well as Prong - 70%

Madman, December 4th, 2002

Prong, now not a lot of people have actually heard of them but they have been fairly revolutionary...doing some of the things a lot of the more popular metal bands have done but a few years before it really becomes "cool".

Prong's Rude Awakening is a decent example of mixing a fair amount of funkish type groove drumming, Pantera styled groove riffs, some odd guitar noises as well as some techno influences. Overall it's a good album but I think some of the greatness of this album has been lost with time as many bands have since gone this root thus hurting the album's originality although the other bands have never done it as well.

I would say that the first three songs "The Controller", "Caprice", and "Rude Awakening" have a bit more of a melodic edge than the rest of the album and don't base themselves almost exclusively on heavy grooves...thus making this a great start to the album as it creates a bit of variation, although not enough to make it a truly great disc. The rest of the album though prides itself almost exclusively on heavy groove riffs (although there are some hints of melody from the first three songs scattered through a couple songs).

There two things that hurt this disc: 1. The aforementioned problem of many bands having this sound...especially nowadays which really doesn't make this album stand out today and 2. Not enough variety or atleast not enough defining pieces in each song. After enough listens the album will start to run together a bit although it doesn't suffer too much from this like say most AC/DC albums but it is a noticeable problem.

I would certainly say that if you like bands like Pantera and White Zombie/Rob Zombie you will atleast like this disc, otherwise don't bother.

The Pantera-meets-random-noises album - 66%

UltraBoris, November 30th, 2002

I actually got this album when it came out and totally dug the fuck out of it for a while, but after several listens it got kinda boring. It's hard to describe the sound really, but it's kinda melodic and has lots of random industrialish noises. It's not thrash, not even speed metal, just kinda straight-up heavy metal that has a lot of Pantera-styled groove riffing, and at times almost a post-80s-glam vibe to it in the general song construction area. Catchy choruses, simple riffs... if you get past the oddly sounding distortion, and take out the overt Cowboys from Hell bits, you'll find something not too far removed from some stuff on that Motley Crue album with Corabi.

So it's not bad at all - though the problem is, the songs tend to sound a bit over-similar. The best song on here is probably "Rude Awakening", the title track, which has that great chorus... "it spins you around, takes you for a ride, what is the point to even try" with some cool closing riffs as well. Again, if you like Cowboys from Hell, you'd end up digging this more than likely. "Close the Door", "Controller", "Without Hope" - also solid songs... there really isn't anything bad on here, again it's just that they're kind of all the same. Overall, not bad.