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The name says it all... - 60%

Skullhammer, May 2nd, 2005

Try listening to this and then Scorpio Rising... goddamn these dudes have changed a lot. The title of the album basically sums it up... noisy, primitive thrash/crossover. Short and fast songs with simple and catchy riffs. The production is pretty raw. The guitar tone is very noisy and chaotic rampaging everywhere in the background. The bass is pretty solid and the drums are a bit flat. Overall the production is slightly better than the sophomore effort Force Fed but still pretty weak but for an independent release it's not bad at all.

This album could've been a lot better. The songs are good but too short to go anywhere. Just when you hear a catchy riff and start head banging, the song is over. Nothing is really memorable and you will probably forget the song itself when it's over. Tommy Victor's vocals are pretty weak and annoying on the ears. He sounds very flat and weak compared to later releases.

Nothing is memorable or very good about the first 5 tracks. They are simple little chaotic amounts of noise but the last 3 tracks are fantastic. You can tell these tracks were written later. Gone are the pointless 2 riff assaults of punk-ish noise but in come actual thrash and melody and actual song structures. In My Veins is a fantastic thrasher with a little mid-paced break in the middle. This track really shines on The Peel Sessions. Climate Control is a head banging thrashing frenzy from start to finish. The ending track Persecution is the longest track and the best. An instrumental mid-paced thrasher which foreshadows of what Prong would become in a few years.

Basically it's a solid album but could've been a lot better. The first 5 tracks could've used just another riff to boost up the length and make them actually memorable instead of a pointless noise assault. And don’t get me wrong, I am a Prong junkie. Even though I gave Rude Awakening and Scorpio Rising shitty reviews, I still love these guys. It's pretty much a love/hate thing going on here. Anyways, this album has been long out of print and I recommend to hardcore Prong fans only unless you are actually willing to spend more than 10 bucks on an album that is barely 20 minutes long. If you enjoy early Discharge and D.R.I. then you may take a liking to this as well...