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Classic Prong is Re-established ! - 80%

overkill67, November 28th, 2007

Good evening thrash fans and welcome to what should prove to be another notch in the spike studded thrash metal leather belt of sincerity. Tommy Victor and co. are back with a vengeance and the Power of the Damager is their newest testament to add to the already obvious resurgence of thrash metal.

After hearing the dreaded Scorpio Rising nearly 3 years agao, I was somewhat reluctant to believe that Prong were ever going to "ge it right" ever again. Wondering, if they would simply fade away and be remembered for their late eighties and early nineties calssics such as Beg To Differ and Prove You Wrong. Then from out of nowhere Prong re-emrge with this pulse pounding, stripped down, raw, bare-boned, in your face NY styled thrash metal album ala POTD!

Right from the get-go, the first obvious improvement is the stellar production, which gives this album a bottom end which to me sounds similar to the crunchy bottom end of the newest Exodus album. That's a good thing...Tommy Victor has obviously picked up a few tips from Al Jourgensen over the last few years. Another immediate improvement is the riffs. Tommy has finally gone back to his roots and penned some classic styled riffs that will leave all thrash enthusiasts alike with a smirk of contention on their faces when listening to this album. The bass guitar is now being handled by former touring guitar player Monte Pitman, and although not extemely prominent in the mix, the bottom is heard and the effectiveness shines through beautifully. As for the drumming, well, no one will ever be able to outplay Ted Parsons as a Prong skinsman, but at least were back to the double bass runs and some pretty kick as fills from time to time. The drumming is also back up to par.

Songwise, Tommy hasn't re-invented himself in my opinion, but rather simply reverted back to the old faithful formula that worked so gracefully back in the thrash metal hayday. This album has no real weak tracks and nothing that will really standout as being plodding or boring, but I will say that Looking For Them, the title track, and The Banishment are by far my favorites and will most definately be heralded as classic thrash metal efforts by critics alike.

Overall, this may not be the best release of 2007, but it certainly is a sign of positive things to come in the near future, not only for Prong, but to the thrash metal scene as a whole. Thrash Metal is back with a vengeance and Prong have carved their niche.