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Promiscuity - Infernal Rock 'n Roll

Infernal Metal - 89%

Homer_Nava, May 17th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2011, Cassette, Israhellbanger Records

Speed / black metal bands use the same formula most of the times, I mean they regularly play like their influences and the result is a risk because such bands could not be much original but this time I felt something different; Promiscuity plays an intense style, there’s a genial combination of metal genres like thrash, black and speed metal; I’ll try to say this at least once: Promiscuity caught my attention because of their singular old school metal sound. This three piece band from Israel delivers a very good first effort and honestly I expected to hear a recording full of black metal, I was wrong. The band managed to impact certain part of the metal community with this tape.

Infernal Rock and Roll could be a strange name for this release but in my opinion they use the name of an old style to refer to the heroes from the past, a way to pay tribute to bands like Venom, Motörhead and Hellhammer which are into their main influences. This band was then well inspired and recorded three great songs full of metal and a lot of attitude. The originality is not their main quality but this is a special case where the magnificent execution surpasses all expectations.

This release has the magic of early thrash metal and at the same time is shaded with a powerful dose of aggression, in general the execution is very acceptable, it is technical, fast and raw. The low tuned guitars made me feel a kind of eerie sound, the riffs, well the riffs are just a cause of attraction, the solos are really amazing because they are very much into the rock style. This band is also very powerful because of the energy that the man behind the drums delivers along with the bass notes.

Several genres came together and created three killer songs, I think that this three piece band is really resurrecting the old metal spirit with their music because the songwriting is creative and keeps the roots of the 80’s decade. The debut release of Promiscuity is solid and strong, with three songs and eleven minutes they demonstrated capacity and potential to stay for a long time on the map. This is a band that deserves to stay in your head for a long time; the infernal metal and rock have arrived!

Rock and roll rebellion meets a hellish atmosphere - 74%

kluseba, January 20th, 2013

Usually I’m not the biggest fan of old school thrash black metal in the key of early Bathory, Celtic Frost or Venom and prefer more progressive stuff like Absu, for example. This first demo recording from a young band hailing from Israel is though actually quite diverting and offers some solid sounds of the underground.

The recording has a crunching vibe that could come straight from a dirty basement of the late eighties and gives an appropriate atmosphere to the three short tracks. The neckbreaking riffs are dark and hold between a mid tempo and slightly sped up pace. The drumming is tight and sounds very raw but still offers a few technical skills beneath the wall of noise. The bass is pumping in a very noisy way as well and has its shining moment at the beginning of the second track. The vocals are heavily blackened and give the songs a bleak atmosphere. They vary enough to combine elements of Black and Death Metal and it’s a little bit as if early Burzum would meet early Aamorphis which are two honorable references to say the least. The truly well performed and mostlly melodic guitar solos surprise a lot and really stand out on here. They even show some glimpses of positive energy by creating a well done contrast with the rest.

The song that probably stands out the most is the opening title track. This is due to an original introduction that gives the first true Rock ‘n Roll anthem “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley & his Comets a new and weirdly twisted touch that turns into slowed down sound effects and evil laughter before the true opener breaks loose. This track is a reinvention of a classic and quite a fun ride.

All three songs sound rather coherent if you would like to use a positive term or repetitive if you want to use a negative term. In my opinion, this is not a bad thing after all as it gives you a solid general idea of the band and works well for this first sign of life. On an actual full length album, more sound experiments such as in the opener would though be required to keep the attention high.

Genre fans should pick this release up and might be pleased by this pure old school outbreak of evil from an exotic country. Anybody else should do as I do and wait for a possible full length release to see what this band is really able to do. These three first songs are not stunning but solid enough to keep the band’s name on my mind for a while.

Originally written for The Metal Observer on January 20th of the year 2013.

Can't Help but Smile! - 83%

Arjunthebeast, January 14th, 2013

With 'Black/Thrash from israHELL' offered up as a introduction, Promiscuity does not pretend to be anything else than (surprise!) a black/thrash band from Israel! And that, dear reader, is refreshing, indeed. The trio of Butcher, Werewolf and session drummer Dekapitator dropped a demo entitled 'Infernal Rock 'N' Roll' in 2011 that also delivers what it promises.

On the cover, one will notice that the 'audience' are rocking Hellhammer, Bathory etc. gear, which will give you an idea about what the album is all about. That is, hard charging rhythms delivered decades after each band's heyday through the old school revivalist prism of recent years. Motorhead and Venom have some real staying power, don't they? Oh, and you'll get a bit of 'Rock Around the Clock' thrown in for good measure.

There is little not to like here if the mere mention of Hellhammer and company make the listener instinctively thrash about like salmon on the run (I know I do, which is problematic in tight spaces). Promiscuity delivers in this regard, and does it in an admirable fashion. The formula is hard to mess up after all. The recent Darkthrone efforts are particularly successful to me, but sometimes run afoul of purists due to their hardcore/crust/rock elements. If you feel that way about black 'n' roll (or blackened whatever it is), then this three track demo will not change your mind.

The vocals are awesome (think Cronos from Venom with a little more gruffness mixed in), and the music is simple and effective. Crunchy riffs backed by an insistent rhythm section prove themselves to be rock solid. The lyrics (save for 'Gybenhinnom', more on it later) are of the 'metal pride' variety which will hopefully make the listener proud. On the first two tracks said lyrics aren't exactly eloquent (and I don't think the word 'faggot' was necessary to attach to 'Crime and Punishment's' antagonist, the poser), but they get the job done.

The final track, 'Gybenhinnom' (which is another word for Gehenna), takes a couple stabs at the Holy Land itself, citing the cycle of death and pain brought upon by religious fanaticism that has gone on since antiquity. The sentiment is actually quite touching, especially in the lines:

'In Gybenhinnom - the children were burnt alive
In Gybenhinnom - they had no chance to survive
Killed by their own fathers, who ignored their pain, their desperate cries
Reduced to ashes - brought to this world to get sacrificed!'

The band is clearly reaching for something more lyrically and musically on this final track, as it is more subdued and melodic than the previous cuts. This viewpoint upon their homeland is interesting and perhaps the opposite of their European counterparts, which often deify/personify their own landscapes and histories. It would be great to hear more about what the band thinks about their land and the history that has shaped it into the present. Groups like Al-Namrood from Saudi Arabia and Narjahanam from Bahrain have also proven themselves to be against the grain in a context where penalties might be very severe. And the scene in the Middle East continues to grow. If metal can act as a way of expression for dissidents in said countries, then that makes the music all the more important. Keep it up, gentleman!

An Israeli Piece Of Hell - 80%

lordazmolozmodial, January 3rd, 2013

One of the best things about black metal tracks is when the catchy slaying riffs keep knocking your memory even from the first listen, and this is what the Israeli black metal group Promiscuity has managed to create in their first demo album Infernal Rock N Roll. The influences of the old school black metal sound and the original taste of the old school rock n’ roll are melting together in these 3 catchy tracks, so if you think you can bare this type of hellish black metal then you have to get this demo.

The flowing guitar riffs and the powerful drums are the main musical themes of this demo, the sound and the overall structure of the tracks is embracing a lot of thrash 'n roll moments, especially in the track "Gybenhinnom" and "Crime And Punishment". While listening to these tracks here, you will have a lot of Possessed and Hellhammer feelings, and the lyrics will also sum the modern ideas of Darkthrone to form a real solid black metal structure for all those who adore the value of the old school sound. The sharp sound of the solos and the insane performance added a lot of graceless/filthy sounds inside the infernal fuzzy sound of the guitars.

A lot of black metal fans today would prefer the atmospheric and the melodic side of black metal, but I really recommend this release for those who think that this kind of punky/black N' roll is not interesting, because the power that has been delivered to the these bass lines and to the manic performance of the drums is really catchy for any black metal fan, even for those who are not into this type of headbangy and ancient black metal sound.

I've never been a fan of the Israeli extreme metal scene, but today Promiscuity is forcing me to re-check the Israeli releases. Infernal Rock N Roll is an unholy gift for all those who adore the sound of the real black/thrash n' roll, these filthy riffs and these cutting solos will cut off your ears and leave you bleeding without mercy.

Originally written for:

Promiscuity - Infernal Rock 'n Roll - 50%

ThrashManiacAYD, December 27th, 2012

This debut demo released last year by Israel's Promiscuity is a rough n' ready 11 minute punky blast of black/thrash that despite it's obvious limitations in performance and production is a more interesting listen than would probably have been expected. The title track begins with a sample of the classic "Rock Around the Clock" Bill Haley tune before breaking into heavily distorted guitars, a simple 4/4 drumbeat and a fairly typical raspy vocal style well and truly signalling the mutation of Haley's rock n' roll into this infernal hellish variation. I can only wonder what Haley would think of this from his grave.

Their Venom-influenced take on the black/thrash formula recalls the goofy shenanigans of Heretic's "Praising Satan" as follower "Crime and Punishment" rolls by with a pleasing, if standard rhythm that is broken by the deathly vocals of the chorus and a distinctly rock n' roll flavoured solo which is easily the defining aspect of the track for anyone in the search for a unique quality to the song. Closer "Gybenhinnom" follows the same pattern, mixing a very steady drumbeat with a punky rhythm that gets me nodding along every time to it's simple effectiveness - some guarantee of appreciation if nothing else. Given the under-produced nature of the three tracks, which suggest the band recorded together in a room and released the outcome, and basic song structures to all three, Promiscuity are much more of the Venom end of the black/thrash spectrum than a more developed act like Aura Noir or Nifelheim but a welcoming one too. Too little to make valued judgements from and nothing to suggest greatness before us but as a demo to release and share among a local scene this should do fine for Promiscuity.

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Anything but a modern type of metal. - 60%

oneyoudontknow, December 25th, 2012

Israel has a small metal scene. Around thirty-five releases have seen the light of day in 2011, which is slightly more than the two preceding years (30; 33). Well, at least it enables you to follow the evolution of it all without much effort or difficulty. From the outside perspective matters do not seem to be too rosy. Take the label Israhellbanger Records for instance: after a few releases they called it quits. In fact, it had been difficult to find metal labels from this country in general; the latest software update at the Metal Archives has made things considerably easier though. Bands seem to tend to spread their stuff rather independently or through some a label from abroad.

Promiscuity play anything but a modern version of metal and it is somewhat natural to a sample of an era tghat is long gone by. Yes, it is fun to poke the listener with a Billy Haley sample, but it is a joke that wears off all too soon; especially when you consider the overall length of the tape, which is a bit more than eleven minutes. It would have been nicer to have some additional ones that help to carry the first impression on. The general approach is some kind of black/speed metal, which presents a very basic and not too daring interpretation of these two genres.

No filler material, no core-influenced screams, no keyboards, no progressive song-writing, not a nice sound. It is the Hellhammer and early Bathory type of thing, with a better production and slightly weak vocal parts now and then. Rare solos help to break the monotony of the progression of the music in some respect, but aside from this it all meanders on with a steady kind of progression. Promiscuity's music has a certain pace and they stick to it. Only some slight variation is allowed to appear now and then.

Infernal Rock 'n' Roll is too nice. What is lacks is some kind of punch, some kind of dirtiness and identity that would make it distinguishable from other bands of the same niche. It is too limited in its facets and without surprising elements. A safe approach and this leaves a bit of a disappointment. As usual, a first demo … and despite a good quality, it fails to impress thoroughly.

Based on a review originally written for ‘A dead spot of light (Number 21)’:

Tried and true speed metal goodness. - 70%

ConorFynes, December 24th, 2012

The sounds of Venom and early Bathory are alive and well in Promiscuity. Although black metal has expanded to encompass just about every sound imaginable at this point, there was once a time when the bands would care for little more than getting drunk, playing guitar and praising Satan. This traditional mentality is taken to heart in just about every way with Promiscuity, an Israeli trio that has earned some healthy acclaim for this, their first demo. Right down to the cassette tape distribution, these guys eschew decades of genre development and technological progress in exchange for a raw, dirty and savage sonic assault, and I wouldn’t have it any other way from them.

Promiscuity tell alot about their intent before the opening title track even starts. The cassette package looks like something that you might have seen circulating in the early days of metal tape trading. Before the unrelenting guitar and Neanderthal rhythms of “Infernal Rock n’ Roll” even begin, Promiscuity open with a sample of Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock”, which is progressively distorted and mangled with slowdown effects, before it cuts out completely. In its place, a thunderous diabolical laugh can be heard, beckoning in the sonic slaughter that follows. Although there’s nothing of a classic fifties rock n’ roll sound meshed into the speed metal riffs, the straightforward, festivity-oriented fun of the first rock legends translates well into Promiscuity’s sound.

The guitar riffs are generally fast-paced and simple, fueled with the sort of alcoholic, bar venue intensity that only a lo-fi garage production could allow. The drums are punkish and pummeling. Instrumentally speaking, Promiscuity are a clone of many a legendary heavy metal band, although a lack of originality doesn’t stop the music from being fierce. The vocals of Butcher are growled deeply, giving him the semblance of a manic demon- I’d look to Black Winds’ vocals in Blasphemy as a valid comparison. The lyrics run the standard fare of Satanism, over-the-top violence and self-referential metal genre pride. Promiscuity stays true to the well worn formula, and while pregnant Christian mothers would probably interpret “Infernal Rock n’ Roll” as a progenitor of censorship-worthy hate and darkness, they give the sense that fun and high-strung energy are the extent of the band’s ideology, and that sort of tongue-in-cheek mentality makes “Infernal Rock n’ Roll” really enjoyable, in spite of the fact that they offer nothing musically that has not been done to death already.

Although the throwback blackened speed style Promiscuity plays can be found in great portions throughout the metal underground, it’s rare to hear a band like this coming from Israel. Although the nation has arguably the strongest metal scene in the Middle East, most of the Israeli bands I can think of adopt a progressive mode of thinking for their sound. Orphaned Land and Melechesh openly embrace their heritage by incorporating sounds outside of the metal sphere. Perhaps it’s a conscious effort to rebel against the greater portion of Israeli metal, but the three tracks on “Infernal Rock n’ Roll” offer nothing but furious rhythms and lo-fi murk. Although the sound is generic as anything you’ll find in black/speed metal, it was Promiscuity’s intention all along to do something we’ve all heard before. In short, it’s music to get drunk and headbang to, and with only eleven minutes of material to behold, I’ve been left wanting more.

Satan built my hot rod - 65%

autothrall, November 23rd, 2012

It doesn't take a staggering intellect to figure out what Promiscuity are all about: vicious, uncircumcised old school black/speed metal that looks much like what the undead crowd on the demo's cover would listen to at any given moment. I admit there's some novelty that the band hails from Israel, a land known more for an ethnic overtone to its artists' output, but aesthetically Infernal Rock 'n' Roll is far more a tribute to its British and European influences. Venom is an obvious comparison point, much like on Chapel's more recent debut Satan's Rock 'n' Roll, and aesthetically this demo is barking up the same tree, poised to force-feed its forbidden fruit to the unsuspecting masses; but Promiscuity have an unwashed, unrefined, raucous approach to writing that feels like crushing a beer can on an altar and then taking a piss on the nearest nativity scene.

As I was so drawn with Welcome to Hell, Black Metal, and the formative works of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Nunslaughter, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Possessed, so too do I find myself drawn to the style this band is selling. With just 3 tracks and 11 minutes of content, there's not a lot of 'fleshing out' or dynamic range, but more of a straight application of the listener's face to the pavement of Hell. The bass is meted out with a plunky, sparkplug certainty while the guitars are about as raw as you could conceive, so you're getting this very 'live' sensation as if you were listening to the Israelis in a small club where their blasphemy resonates out into the rafters. Drums are consistent with this crashing, clapping atmosphere and the vocals are just a wall of hoarse rasping diabolism that won't prove unfamiliar to anyone interesting in this hybrid of forms. Infernal Rock 'n' Roll was not the recipient of a large budget, and this sort of release isn't meant to be, so in terms of punishment and primacy, there's really no complaint with the music...

That said, where I found the material lacking is just in the dearth of really interesting riffs. Solid, remorseless walls of chords rock along with a damnable certainty, but even where they launch into a breakdown like the speed/thrash bridge of "Gybenhinnom", there's never that same sense of unforgettable texture to the note progressions like we all felt when we heard Venom's "Black Metal" or Bathory's "Necromansy". Chord selections are pretty standard fare for this corner of extremity, and thus the music becomes something appreciated only a pure, visceral level rather than the fare I'll be listening to relentlessly for decades. On just about every other level I connected with the demo and took no issue with its grimy delivery and purity of purpose, like the grisly vocals to "Crime and Punishment" which I thought were depraved and fantastic; but I think that, to arrive at that next level (and a lot of groups in this niche never do), the songs have to gestate into a more formidable and sticky coalition of evil decisions. This is some decent, sincere shit here, and the lyrics are fun, but a little more effort into how the songs are constructed and you'll have a sure contender that could heat up the roster of an imprint like Hell's Headbangers or Nuclear War Now.


Promiscuity - Infernal Rock 'N Roll - 80%

Eorlingas, September 4th, 2011

Quietly, Israel's Thrash/Black metal scene is getting larger. One can easily notice the fairly enlarged amount of releases in the past 5-6 years in comparison to previous years. If I would go cliché on this, I would say that "an extreme place" such as Israel, demands an extreme metal scene. Aside from all the Death and Black metal acts in the mid-east country, finding an "Oldschool", totally non-compromising extreme metal band in here, is equivalent to searching a needle in a haystack.

But, like in all fairytales, this one also, has a good ending (or, beginning, if you'd like). They call themselves Promiscuity, found by members of even-less known acts such as Betraytor and Morbid Tendency. They're mean, they're filthy, and they mean business with their Infernal Rock 'N Roll demo tape.

After a twisted transformation of Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock", the title track kicks off in quite a nice (yet chewed to death) Thrash 'n roll mixture of mid-tempo drumming, groovy guitar riffs and some barbarian vocals thrown in that would seriously make you bang your head.

As "Crime And Punishment" starts, two things are already clear – first, there won't be much variation here. Second, it's a great demo tape, nonetheless. Going on a slower pace, the song gives the listener a chance to hear a few drops of Hellhammer's influence on the members, continuing on to a lengthy, sharp guitar solo.

Unfortunately, the tape consists of only three tracks, as "Gybenhinnom" closes it in the most suitable way. Four minutes of pure, fast 'n evil Thrash with an easy to remember chorus, fast, monotonous drumming and a general mid-80's approach that hasn't been heard in the unholy land in quite a while.

Promiscuity are a part of a dying breed in Israel. If you like acts such as Hellhammer or Venom, you should definitely check these guys out. There's not much more to say, other than if you're looking for a "modern" Thrash sound or attitude, recorded in a premier studio, you better move on because this is raw as hell itself.

I am not giving this tape any kind of ratings, since it's merely a demo and even though it's a good one, I shall wait for a full length album, to hear the real power of these IsraHelli maniacs.

- Originally written for OVMETAL.COM