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Solid album from Project Silence - 99%

metapostman, July 27th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Sliptrick Records

Couple years ago I found this weird band from Finland, it was Project Silence, usually I am not into industrial metal, but I like dark electro and other similar genres a lot so I decided to give them a listen. Their first album was great mix of dark electro and metal, but something was missing so I waited a while and here is their second album.

The very first thing that I noticed in was that they're obviously very technical. Riffs are tight and most of the time synths are on the background, I wish those would be louder. The vocals are exceptionally good, they are pretty diverse with dark low growls and sometimes really high screams, this is just candy to for ears. He sounds a little like Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity and Christian Älvestam. As I mentioned something that's a bit lacking are the keyboards. Don't get me wrong, synths are great sounding and there is lots of hook in them, but you really can't hear those so well. Of course there is places where synths are the main thing (Like in The Era of Fear or Apocalypse) but I just wish there were more of those.

Slave to the Machine has a lot of great riffs and guitar work, of course some songs stand out more than others do, one of those being Infection. Song is balanced very well and has really cool rhythmic guitars and bass drums. The leads on the keyboard really give it a very atmospheric feel and the vocals are versatile and keeps the track very interesting from the start to finish. Having said that though, the best track is quite hard to pick, but I must say it is Sick (Slave To The Machine). The industrial sound is is in use quite heavily throughout that track, it is heavy, groovy and definitely catchy. It's a surprising mix, but it works very, very well.

Slave to the Machine really is an extremely solid album by a band that quite clearly has moved forward and they have a lot of potential. Some might be put off by the industrial influences, but Project Silence's sound is very unique with the industrial/black metal mix. I would recommend this to anyone that likes simply extreme metal.