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Amazing Blackened industrial - 100%

NucleosIs, September 7th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Sliptrick Records

Project Silence has changed a lot in recent years, from industrial to heavier variants of style, but they have always created interesting music. This is their second full release and this album certainly doesn't fail to interest newcomers and veteran fans alike.

Excellent guitars from Mr. Sanderz and J can be heard throughout the album and it’s very consistent with catchy, heavy, and melodic riffs. From the chugs of "Sick (Slave To The Machine)" to the amazing leads in "Prototype”. Guitarist are definitely doing amazing job here. Keyboards are a major powerhouse on this album with tracks like in very catchy and addicting "The Era Of Fear" and cool, dark electro-like song "Termination In Progress". There is clearly two main styles and themes in Slave To The Machine. Heavy, almost like death/black metal themed songs and then some songs like “Titan” and “Desperation” with energetic and rhythmic riffs, which this style of music is known for.

In many songs band has done nice job creating different kind of structures for songs, like the part at the beginning of “Circus Of Seven”, unexpectedly lead solo starts with pretty nifty rhythm guitars or beautiful ending for the song “Invasion”, everything goes almost silent and only the piano and choirs are playing and BOOM, the main riff comes back and kicks your ass. These kinds of surprises make this album worth to listen.

The drums throughout this album are insane. No, really. Insanity really would be the word for just how technical and heavy-hitting drummer can be in tracks like "Infection" and "Circus Of Seven". Also I definitely have to mention vocal work of Delacroix. His growls are very deep and have a lot of power in them, also higher screams are still present and the vocal range is absolutely awesome. There is new catch here, some clean(ish) vocals with screams like in "Apocalypse" and those are so effective that it makes these songs become instant favourites. Last but not least, I have to say that bass is really prominent and I like it, it is crunchy and it powers up the guitars.

Project Silence has done good job creating unique music with lots of variations. All in all, this album really is one of a kind. If band can go forward, this is it and I really can't wait what greatness future holds for Project Silence.
Favourite tracks: Infection, The Era Of Fear, Apocalypse and The Nameless