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Project Silence delivers - 90%

DiSoRdErBitcH, August 16th, 2016

Founded in 2008 by frontman Delacroix, Finnish industrial metal promise Project Silence are certainly the most impressive band for this style from Finland. Their second release released June 30, 2016 surely impresses.

As is to be expected the soundscape is cold, futuristic but still somehow it has this warmth which is not expected in this kind of style. The album is full of dynamic guitar-work that efforts like Flesh Of The God and The Era Of Fear generate a successful "end of the world" like feeling that truly sounds as massive as possible. Even without that present there’s some absolutely killer work here as the band can drop the industrial and present more traditional arrangements as in Titan and Apocalypse, with tight old school rhythms and mad screaming. Their new direction reminds me of Fear Factory or Lyfthrasyr with a mix of older Samael and ...and Oceans.

Slave To The Machine is a pretty long listen, but since there is lot of variety and songs are really dynamic, you quickly have listened the whole album in one sitting. One big surprise in the end was the bonus song Termination In Progress, it was refreshing and really different than rest of the songs, a very engrossing track that really makes the release a wholly ferocious and devastating effort.

Some might find fault with the band's cold sound and very different approach than previous releases, but this is still an almost flawless release and if you forget they were more electronic before and listen to this as a death/black metal release with industrial influences it definitely delivers.

On the whole this is very different kind of release than their previous work, but that really put the band up and moves them forward. It really should be picked up by anyone into the genre.