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Project Silence > Infinity > Reviews
Project Silence - Infinity

Best release to the date - 98%

DiSoRdErBitcH, October 31st, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Sliptrick Records

At this point, Project Silence is a familiar band for many industrial fans. This unique cold and dark industrial metal band from Finland has impressed me over the years. Since their previous album was very different experience, they pushed industrial elements back and took more elements from death and black metal. Slave To The Machine was surely impressive album, but not as good as their first 424.

Now in 2018 band is back with their third longer release in the form of Maxi-EP Infinity. Infinity is definitely a huge step forward with electronics and industrial elements from 424, but same time they are keeping their newfound death and black metal elements from their previous album. It's their best work to the date. The band has a new lead guitarist S. He has taken a sizable part alongside the main composer, and this has certainly paid off. He is a part composer in second track From Beyond and fifth track Pulse. I'm not usually a fan of the long leads, but these are surely ones to enjoy.

EP has seven songs, with a different kind of atmospheres, it has nice wholeness which for example 424 was lacking. Infinity goes in a slightly different direction from their past efforts in terms of synths and atmosphere. The release is more of a mix of their earlier songs. Industrial sounds and synths are more present than before, and there is a nice balance between guitars and synths that many industrial bands can't archive in this genre, including their own past releases.

Particularly noteworthy differences to the past releases are the darker tone in the songs and especially the vocals. In general, those are less distorted, and there are many different styles used from high screaming to clean vocals and very deep growls. Latter is absolutely bone-chilling, and I love it. There is a new kind of depth and maturity in this release.

Some of the top picks for me are opener We Will Rise which is pretty fast and tight guitar-based song, with some excellent synth work. Most of the melodies come from synths and make the song stand out with vocalists mad growls! Pulse is another point of interest here since it's unique song with a lot of awesome riffs, melodic patterns and fast bass drums mixed with creepy and massive vocals. The last fast part is my personal favorite with melodic vocals and black metal guitars which reminds me of older Dimmu Borgir. The final song Day Of Reckoning is also a very interesting one, with that traditional industrial vibe and some clean vocals. The song reminds me of the style of In Flames and Soilwork in early 2000.

The release is undoubtedly the best one from them yet, majority songs on this are intense, fast, brutal and dark and yet really melodic as industrial usually tends to be. The beat in the songs like From Beyond makes it impossible not to head-bang to, along to the songs catchy structure and same goes to Anthropophagite. All songs have many specific things I could tell you about, but the best way to experience it is to check the EP out. So all in all Infinity is definitely great release wich everyone who enjoys industrial or are into death metal, black metal should check it out!