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Strange and atmospheric - 90%

NucleosIs, March 29th, 2013

When I first heard this band, their musical style was more industrial/EBM-styled and THAT kept me following. Then I heard all the members of the band playing the song "Stardancer (Raven's Whore)" and I was amazed how well they turned basic EBM music to black industrial metal. I had to wait a couple of years to hear more, but the waiting was really worth it.

It's weird to hear a band that mixes techno with metal and still keep it so heavy. If you listen to a track like "BEAST", it's a very dark and very heavy song with lots of ambiance with cold machines and heavy riffs and drum beats pacing alongside with an array of synthesizers.

The album is not full of dark songs as there are a couple of "happier" moments, like in songs "Sky, Space, and Twilight Zone", "Everything", and "Cage of Hate". First, "Sky, Space, and Twilight Zone" isa very strange song, but I believe I understand its purpose after listening to the album a couple of times. The song is supposed to ease the dark mood and prepare you for the other half of darkness. "Everything" and "Cage of Hate" are "happier" songs, but don't get me wrong here, they are also very dark (especially in "Cage of Hate"; the middle part is very technical and horror-like), but there are some happier parts in these as well.

It's really hard to choose just one song to mention as the best one, but "My Reality" could be my favorite. It has this ambient-like theme, but it has a lot of The Kovenant-like parts. It is an amazing song that really shows all the elements they are using now and it is a perfect song. One slower song, "Alone (Crushed by Your Lies)", must be mentioned since it has this black metal thing going on. Also, it's a very emotional song, and lyrics are something I don't usually listen to, but in this they push through and make you think about this world.

424 is a really good album with the only flaws being that it sounds sometimes disoriented, but in some way I understand their desire to mix genres and try something new. Personally, I would love to hear more darker songs since these work best, but let's see what the future holds. This band has truly created an unique sound and I want to hear more.

If you like bands like The Kovenant and maybe Pain, this could be your thing.