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One of the best albums for 2012 - 96%

DiSoRdErBitcH, February 16th, 2013

As a huge fan of both industrial and heavy metal, Project Silence is exactly what I'm looking for in music.

424 is album with lot of electronic stuff fused with power metal solos, black metal vocals, and even heavy metal influences are audible. I know that some metal fans don't like it because of the heavy use of techno sounds, but who enjoy industrial in general will really like this.

The album is fairly heavy and uses big amounts of keyboards and synthesizers. There is three instrumental songs with techno sounds and the rest are industrial metal. There is also some symphonic elements, especially in songs like Keeper and Alone (Crushed by Your Lies). Some songs like Cage of Hate sound a lot of like Pain, but others like Stardancer (Raven's Whore) and My Reality sounds a lot like The Kovenant. In these, the guitar work is excellent and there are great solos usually at the end of the songs. The drums are fast and powerful and blast beats are used quite frequently. The vocals are a point of interest since the growled vocals are essentially great here. You can hear so much versatility that you will not get bored.

My other favorites on the album include BEAST and Everything. Both are really catchy songs and Everything has these great raspy-sounding vocal parts and raging keyboard sections. BEAST is a very techno song, but is the heaviest song on the album and it is brutal.

Overall, this album is one of the best albums for the year 2012. It can be listened to several times in a loop and still it will excite you. I do recommend this to every industrial metal fan.