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A haunting, eerie journey through gray esoterica - 97%

Goatfangs, June 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Independent

Profetus is a band that started out with the stated goal to make “Old School Funeral Doom”, like the bands Skepticism and Thergothon and other early to mid 90s era funeral doom bands. The first opus they put out is a two song tape that could easily have come from an obscure Finnish band from 1995, or even from Thergothon. It has the lo-fi soundquality that actually works in this album's favor. The way the keyboard hums is haunting, like an old black and white horror film. The leads drip with blackened mourn, the riffs are suffocatingly heavy. I have also heard the remastered version, which thankfully doesn't really change anything. The Skull of Silence is one of my favorite songs by Profetus, with several riffs I can't get enough of (especially the chorus riff). Winter Solstice is no slouch either. This is definitely a rawer output compared to Profetus later stuff, but I kind of wish they kept with that eerie humming keyboard sound for future albums. That alone makes this EP worth listening to, especially for fans of the strange and mysterious sound of Thergothon.