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Theatrical Soundtrack to hell - 93%

The_Ghoul, April 12th, 2008

I was skeptical of Professor Fate at first, I'll admit. I heard the song "Ghost Dance" and I honestly didn't like this. But this is different. This is a very cinematic and artful version of hell, where deceits lie at every corner. Musically you will find dramatic sweeps and flourishes, often radiating a sense of general evil. It's dark, but it's almost comically so, turning the blights and utter ugliness of hell into a theatrical parody of itself, while other more serious songs detail the sorrows of hell and limbo, while still others the incredible greed and insincerity.

The performance by Garm on Limbo was nothing short of amazing. I wished he sang for the whole album, because most of the songs suffered from rather weak singing. It didn't detract much, but if Garm were on the mic on every song, this would've been FUKKEN AWESOME instead of just plain old awesome. In a way they hold them back. The guest singing done by the guy from Exploder and Mistress on The Violent is rather unexemplary and unmemorable, seeming a rather pointless gesture. However, the strength of the melodies and the simple nonchalance of the drums overcomes these weaknesses, so that it is at least worth a good number of spins in your CD player.