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BlackenedSally, October 9th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Ancient Perversion Records

After reviewing -and liking- their more conventional-sounding demo, I grabbed this online, on 320kbps mp3, since the CD was nowhere to be found (I believe it is a CD-R release anyway) . I had not liked their previous effort ¨Socialismo Satánico¨, disregarding it as a sloppy, generic, boring release. The music is less BM and more blackened doom metal here, with great vocals narrating very interesting left-wing lyrics, ranging from historic-based facts dealing with world wars, to what I consider the best song here, ¨Desde El Interregno¨, a sci-fi song dealing with a group of people who came back from Andromeda only to find a scorched Earth, and nothing but death and destruction around the globe. There is a lot of grueling depiction of torture, mutilation, war actions, and none of the predictable anti-capitalist statements in the way of rants throughout the 40' recording, but the anger and political positions clearly transpire from the narration and passionate vocals.

The music is mostly mid-tempo, although it does vary from one song to another, with interesting guitar work; despite being more of a backdrop chugga-chugga riffing affair most of the time, it explodes into some head-tearing, blistering solos that really take the listener by surprise, and on some songs it is higher and louder in the mix, conveying an intensity I personally would have liked on all of the songs. The bass guitar is plucky and trebley, which I liked a lot, and the kick drums and toms are very highly mixed-in, to the point of somewhat overpowering everything else, but dialing down the bass control a couple of notches on any amp brings it down to a perfect level. The vocals, raspy and gurgly, are of a mind-grabbing intensity, urgent in their desire to convey a message. They are more narrated than sung, but when they are sung, they shine. They are also highly mixed-in, so you can understand every word; the message is what matters the more here, and the lyrics were so interesting, I found myself paying more attention to the narration than to the music; a rare occurrence !

The absolute highlight of the album is ¨Desde El Interregno¨; the only track featuring an atmospheric synth. In my humble opinion, the album may have benefited of more synth parts, at least on some of the songs, but hey, the band did not choose to use them, so...

So if you are looking for something unusual, original, and interesting, and, like me, don't care about the bands' political positions, this is for you. A REALLY nice addition to my collection, sadly in the form of files rather than a proper CD release.